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When water implodes it exploded, it cleans itself! Radioactivity purification?


When we think of electricity it tries to catch it’s easiest way. It’s the totally opposite with water. These days no-one gets known for any of their grand discoveries so I would rather tell it and maybe let other person get away with telling it to the whole wide world exactly as I did. But yes, when water explodes as electricity explodes itself in water, water implodes. Water though does the opposite as exploding electricity  and it’s like imploding itself. So you rather have a nuclear bomb when dirty water explodes when connected to the electrical grid with cables in a dirty water bottle. Since you could been making nuclear bombs or EMP guns by simply exploding electricity.

The fine thing when water implodes is that it gets cleaner and cleaner the more implosive way it travels. Perhaps through a river or between rocks and stones. Though this isn’t near a filter like all would explain or actually believe. It’s as if the stones give water ability to chose the hardest way to travel thus then cleaning itself by imploding under having the hardest route to travel through like opposite electricity.

You wouldn’t find much of dirt and pollution between the rocks and stones as if it evaporated and was gone forever.

Well, you can though make science with radioactivity and radioactive water. To purify it you might need some tubes that have been developed by Schauberger and by that means reduce the radioactivity as soon the water implodes.

Over time truly water would be cleaner and cleaner. There haven’t been much of this science and this thus is more of a hypothetical question if it does. But I’m truly believing that all radioactivity would be reduced by cleaning it by imploding the water with radioactivity. This giving a future for generations to succeed without worrying about a deposit of radioactivity.

So this isn’t just a simple thing it’s universal. And even not that many people would be into believing much of my words anyway. As I as well were the one to tell about aluminum shards that could be smoked to induce a certain level of cancer treatment.

You might want to watch the whole documentary on Schauberger and it isn’t explained furthermore in the video what implosion truly is for water but it does never truly explain water purification by its method.

This theory that it cleans the water few people has been pitched to know. Most even would have already spoken about and I was only the one telling you this does not mean I truly was the first. But I explained it somehow different.

As my part in musical business. Often you can create similar notes of musical tracks that often are similar to others. Even without knowing it. And I actually did it with my Cool Masta beat. Some producer might say I’ve stolen the work of another. But the track was made in 2006 and in the meantime, someone made a different track with quite similar notes. Though it was totally different. Being able to listen to that track I’ve discovered it was possible that some might produce the same. Though maybe already there is enough information on the internet to actually state that this track thus was produced before the one I’ve listened making similar beat as this production: “Some art though is easy to make indifferent”:


So into different by water and the rivers. You wouldn’t find any substance that would in means give you any chance to find single pollution in the fiver. If you though dug in rivers you would find them totally clean. But often when rivers are doing the masterwork to clean water of rain. Rain often is pollution and might bring with particles of dirt. Therefore as well the cleaning of the air is done by rain.

Nevertheless, you might believe differently on this but you would believe that water itself while it travels in the ocean it as well implodes by the streams of water travel in the ocean. So it’s by the travel of water by means water always will try to find it’s the most unique longest way of travel opposite of electricity and then it implodes and then water is in rare belief purified and cleaned.

If you pressure electricity to travel it’s longest way you might create an explosion or even what it’s called heat. But when it through air travels the longest distance then it creates explosion in the way itself implodes. Somehow though…

The implosion of water though would be nearly dead simple to create with a new universe of belief and why future would be a long journey to make peace in the Middle East.

For some to believe morphosis of water of implosion to create simple sea water into clean water this by removing the salt from it. It’s possible though doing this first science in a lab. You will have to implement a tunnel for water to travel through this giving water ability to implode like Schauberger tubes. It though does after a certain length of travel. It often as well does the same by given sound or waves of music bending it’s the capability of traveling just fastly down. By the sound, it tries to use the traveling length to maximum hardest thus oppose the traveling if it was the easiest as explosion by contact to sound so it does not fully explode but as well implode thus by explosion it would be given ultimate mess and be then flying into all directions like white noise.

You might want as well to watch the interesting way water is bent by implementing sound directly to the water flow:

So science is very new and thus it isn’t something you will learn in schools or in your educational course of life. Things like this were as well Nicola Tesla science and thus then given to must be forgotten by Illuminati and the dark societies to never been known to humanity as something real and good for the future. Though Schauberger was like Nikola Tesla all forgotten and by few dugouts with few of their discoveries ever known to humanity.

Giving the more to this I hope you liked this information don’t forget to comment below share and keep others informed. This is wild like the world dreams coming true.

In a matter of years like The Middle East wars were raging it was all about the fight for water. And thus giving all the clean water they really want you can actually see that investment into programs to build up big farms in the middle of the desert Sahara to build future prosperity. Like the whole world tried after years of wars indeed see the right thing to build its own Forrest and jungle in the middle of Sahara that maybe by imploding seawater correctly? And did you know there are enough seeds in the desert Sahara to bloom out?

It takes for some kids just little scientific discovery… And what would be best? Keeping the discovery as a child to yourself? Thus giving 50% to only promote music by Dealazer? It wouldn’t be a better thing than the first people to really be scientific enough about this and remembering to do their deed by helping others out…

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