Be deviant of the truth I’m about to tell you!

In 2016 I told Trump to emphasize about 30.000 missing emails, and there were no missing emails. This was just pure trolling, and on Julian Assange’s pages, you only find 400 deleted emails. And Trump used this as late in September 2016 and not earlier. From which gained a significant proportion to enable his win of presidency.

This tweet Trump did use, but I don’t know entirely why and how. But he might have already read it on his feed and emphasized the use of it.

But anyway, my tweet you don’t find on Twitter as it is hidden. But it’s still available.

Link to search the tweet on twitter: You don’t find it!

Now that you know this. Trump had his tweet turned from 10th September to 27th July 2016 on Twitter here is his original. The Tweet is set! “Why it is, you will learn longer down on this page”:

Edit 2020: it was 30.000 in this tweet.

Look at the comments on this tweet! It will bring you realness to this! And even when you don’t see more content at the end!

And why there wasn’t more talk from Trump till September of deleted emails?

Ok look at this video: Edit 2020: This video manipulated once more.


Read the Breaking NEWS! Underneath the video! They are all gone from this above video! And that’s not only that, all videos that been set to 27 Jul 2016! It has the same value as the frame. And that’s been changed already in 2019, after my Piv Privatum Video! So the YouTube videos have tampered, and that’s not a few of them.

LINK TO ALL VIDEOS THAT’s Been Frame Edited on Youtube with timestamp 27 Jul 2016

It’s because I said so, and YouTube got all videos fixed around in 2019! Real cover-up! Since last time!

You will find all the videos been re-edited once again in 2019.

CNN to Sun to BBC to even Guardian, they all been all on the ride to change all the news.

Watch my video explaining it, sorry for the lousy voice record.

Get to the exact time of the above video: WATCH Click Here this link at 186 seconds in this video:


Who did the cover-up? Russian hackers? Trump administration. The FBI. Terrorists? Media? Yeah, most likely media when a thousand articles been rewritten to hide this news and it wasn’t just a single one it had to be CNN and all dirty BBC and even SUN to Guardian to New York Times to every rotten media.
Maybe because they wanted the investigation to be on-going with Mueller, this happened back in 2017. And I discovered if entirely in 2018 as my other tweet mentioned it.

John Hickley Jr. was released 10th September, and it comes from the date all the news that’s been rewritten. Every single one on 30.000 emails hacks.

And that’s not just one single news that was rewritten to fit the content of July, and all was news from September. And you would know by right news feed on September 2-10th.

The videos have gotten frame-change, as well as YouTube, hacked, or something?

This takes us back to 9/11, which in fact, videos been deleted of actual rockets to even sound on all videos removed!

The lizards of media aren’t few; they try to control Trump’s late impeachment process. Unless this story gets far north, this can be a process where Trump will be unhinged never to be impeached, and some newspapers and media will be charged for treason.

This isn’t just a game, but I have sat with no plays to my music, and it started to irritate me as well SoundCloud fucked me up made me incognito. As Facebook as well did.

Maybe we get back to IRC and stop social media. Perhaps if we did?

Did you know just 2-5 people did read the leaked emails of Hillary? And few got even power to browse it all. For parts of where she was a maniac killer from where she deleted only 450 emails as WikiLeaks told.

How did she get funds it isn’t all enough explained? In her emails. Maybe she wanted to have her emails leaked out because then there wouldn’t be the talk of many other things. As if she would be impeached if the truth came out of the real facts about the different server for emails she used.

Some of the email servers systems were posted at keyservers on ubuntu. And from where with already use encryption, the types of emails that surely need protection. Wasn’t that a way for Hillary?

The more you dig, the less you find. But in the deep, she knew the emails would be once scoffed. But that the hidden system remain unspoken?

I believe there is more to it? If you find emails by Hillary to lack content?

Then there wasn’t deleted content but another system that was used.

Lately, Hillary said she wiped her emails. But there were only 400 deleted emails. That Julian Assange did reveal.

To the end, they forgot to edit this video: John Hickley Jr. was released 10th September who killed Ronald Regan?, but as you see, this is set to 27th Jul 2016: And it’s not the same frame edit as all else!

Why Trump won the Presidency because of me?

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