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Timeless Travel of Randomness – Short Book of Storytelling

One random occurrence to the actual of to fit unstable particle once in a lifetime, or billion to million still nevertheless anyhow eternal quest never possible? And never possible?
The actuality that we today have Cern as special equipment for particle collision. Somehow some of these techniques lay to the respondent future time travel bubble.
The bubble somehow bigger than the trouble it made. But on the other less it was time. Where the actual residence of their living materialism and soul endurance. Created a statement to existing at the same time as two persons at one time.

Cern Time Travel?
You can clone yourself. Somehow you will face nearly the same problems of yourself in real life. But then at your old years, you will most likely fall apart. But then these partnerships are already duo connected. Somehow the inner voice might tell you what to do based on the last of its occurrences made you a person of living dream.
The actuality that somehow when you live you always live the life you did.
But in second life you will most likely live as you didn’t know you lived before. Somehow most people can feel their past lives. But for most, a belief they actually did is in the presence of the next life. Somehow you can at certain proportions know your first life of actual life. That life is a life, still with it’s most mistakes.
But to those who already lived a life? And see their own face behind the shadows of the forest? Yeah, it can be your first life or third life? Well based on how many fractions of collisions or the actual one created in a mere of perfectionism that never can be repeated.
Somehow It succumbed certain people to a bubble and throw them to the actual day of its recognition to the past. Somehow most would already with certainty know this is the time, the time of the times that will succumb under the right path for eternity.
But a collision of particles made under the certain rule of randomness can only be held by the power of God. All random numbers are picked randomly by God. Any given number is already handsomely picked out by God. Most wouldn’t even believe a certain ghost town destroyed by its possession of lucky numbers that always made the tricks to any people wandering into it for a gamble play?
Well, it isn’t forgotten still not fully to know the power of God. That makes its powers forgotten since mere fractions are revealed. For anyone to encounter it will merely play a different role based on their beliefs in God.
The randomness that oppresses anything in the world. Even the stock market can be oppressed for us to believe that randomly is random randomly. But random that is controlled can control a stock market. Even anyone to believe it’s actual fractions of it is an actual mere coincidence.
Take for example the zip even cars travel in a zip formation to the work. Not always there are all cars in the same place. Somehow you see these connections still ongoing as stable travels through on road each day. For those who don’t travel too much with a car, might believe in this specific.
But at some point, time travel will be at mere possible or was already possible. It kills the Trillions of all, even the whole Universe. It’s called the big bang. And all starts up again. Goes into it’s all to happen at the same position as it was no random encounter.
Still, those who then exist in the world will wonder, why they are here? Most wouldn’t even dear to confront they’re being skin if they saw their self in this world.
But what does the word big bang come from? Most likely it can come from the distant parts of their world? Their world was somehow utopia. Somehow undescribed possible. But they also came with different techniques and different approaches to anything. Still, it’s to believe it all was a major operation of different people choosing their travel to this and our time. In a mere different probably carousel with thousands of them. All opened their travel portal or door out of the ship they traveled with. From the day they were born?
Since illusionist always tends to exist. God’s illusionists somehow divide many out of its positions to not even attempt the path of the evil. God’s illusionists tend to play with the random encounter, the random specialties that encounter our world. For one to believe in these people able to aspect the time randomness to its true believes that all thing happened to them is at actual as if they knew the future.
But anyhow, lying in the shadow until the cramp could take it closer, watching yourself? Wouldn’t you go ahead? Start a conversation? Still, it’s to believe you wouldn’t dare. But why not dare, when yourself didn’t dare to tell who you were and what you knew.
Somehow you were not born into this world. But you might look the same as the one who should have been as yourself? Wouldn’t it be then the clone of your self as the clone of genes? But somehow the first one exiting the spaceship of space travel. Made yourself uglier til the last of them fell out?
Wouldn’t it be that the randomness of yourself would be picked by God in the mere close connection to its sperm and egg? Wouldn’t it be? And you still have two lives you know?
But the life you live now in the past. And the life you will live in the future? You are not capable of living both we are sure of. But the life you live now will be connected with its all empowered for your relief to really know you lived two lives. The mere of the fraction for you then to become a Cyclope?
It isn’t the need to fight against others to achieve the time travel. Still, most are needed. But time goes into the longer and longer? Wouldn’t it already be possible with all the free technology of no need for research? The blueprints from the other space. That when a computer from 1990 is much stronger than one in 2020? Well reversed engineering is always possible? For some who don,’ t have a microscope!
See the life as when the lady vanishes. The girl of your life that you truly loved, but then she vanishes in the real life of yourself, you don’t find her and she vanishes. Still, you abide to marry yourself away of such dignity. Those others truly won’t live forward as of. But as I speak to you in truth. Are there never possible to let this all open for this to still exist?
You will live your life, but when you die. You already know you will be interconnected with yourself. But live the life telling others the great celibate you then lived as others wouldn’t even believe it? Since a life to one who lives at present is more precious, and we all know some love is always in need of others. But then you realize that your love isn’t for real? But it is, truly is. Don’t abide by the disseverment out from this. Since life interspooky is life interesting. Still, solutions will come in God’s answers. These answers we all seek for. And it is an injustice to have marriage for 10 years, then jump to another good behaving is not an anyhow a good choice. Love is an eternal sacrament. Some mostly know life after life will at a certain point give you more wise knowledge, also together.
For some somehow will at this point of the book, already think if it’s only 1 life we have? Since clone of yourself is always different than the actual residence of what anyone would even look the same. But do the same for yourself. Randomness turns people into foolishness the same. So the end…
It wasn’t you-you saw in the shadows of the forest.

The randomness of or by a Goddess

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