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The Perfect Muslim




What I’ve actually sought in Muslims aren’t the same as I seek in non-believers. They are though very strict to their rule of tomorrow by strong belief to God.

You might not hear that much of Moses who went up a hill to form the ten commandments. But it was twenty. Because of the creation of these law’s people were to strictly forced to become either slaves to God or they couldn’t do what they’ve sought to do. For the most, they hated the new commandments so they destroyed one of one or two of the plates with the extra rules to their everyday life.

The rules aren’t hard for us to understand would give us a much better world today. But it’s the same, people would be furious because of them. Here is an example of ten commandments that are extra.

1. Do not have sex before marriage.
2. No suicide.
3. Do not marry more than once in life.
4. No love with the same sex.
5. Don’t write papers or law’s to kill others.
6. Don’t push yourself too much.
7. Don’t loan which you can’t get back.
8. Don’t destroy the environment.
9. Don’t sell sex.
10. Don’t publicize what is opposed to weakness.


So due to these near like law’s people were in furious anger. They destroyed what was left and always remembered.

Muslims of great knowledge should have seen this as legality that this was the most suitable belief to the past about twenty commandments. Because the truth always shines better than lies.

If you’ve seen movie Muhammed: Messenger of God you’ve would see an interesting story which has been eradicated from the world. It’s a movie of up to 2-3 hours covering the exact of that Muslims helped Christians in their survival by protecting them from other religions as if they were an alliance. As well as in fact they had the choice of total annihilation of Christians which they didn’t fulfill to their path. So people merely lived in peace for centuries since Mohammed formed the religion. For Muslims, even Moses was a prophet. So their most unknown thing is the twenty commandments to follow.

They merely are written in codes in different scriptures after times. And what to cherish and abide with even if it’s written opposite as if you have to kill means you do not kill. You don’t stone a person or beat lashes at his neck. Simple as that there was never an easy way for God in a troublesome way to say the opposite to not do. The world has already been bombed with nukes and a fraction of fault would sentence the world to its knee.

If a law is written wrong it’s not up to the person to abide it wrong. It tells the truth itself to not do. But for an educated Muslim it takes many years to educate yourself. Muslim in my eyes and many means suffering. It’s the endless path of suffering for knowledge. And it’s never that for sure that one Muslim is fully educated. Therefore Muslims don’t have the same rights in life or should at most be outside and having fun. It’s a life long sentence to abide God to at least not sin. Have the less and be clean.

Cleanness is the most important thing for a Muslim. If you don’t wash yourself you might ask yourself if you are a Muslim. A Muslim isn’t forced out to not be a Muslim. He isn’t allowed to convert to another type of religion. But then again he must ask himself if he really is a Muslim if he does not follow up on knowledge and education? For a weak person is either not willing and is forcing himself to beg to God and use up his precious time on this planet. Begging towards a place. But in fact, is he a Muslim? When he has beliefs which in fact himself struct upon himself of trying to abide God?

So what is a believer? If not longer Muslim. And whom didn’t convert but was a Muslim? A part of a society which holds their now decreasing majority of ancestors who loses the Muslim mark and trust in their self. To become just some of the worst. It’s not said that if you aren’t Muslim what are you then?

Someone else who lost their faith.

The difference from other religions isn’t big. But your ancestors should have made you into clerics to teach religion to all religions and the mark of a Muslim is just given few. And they are the people of the world. Whom, in fact, should learn Christianity, Jewish, Mormon, Buddha and even Taoism and all that is available. It’s not that you convert to other religion. Your mission is to learn them all.

What happens then? You end up knowing the most. You start being near one of the eclectic people who know in fact to seek the Goddess in their belief. Whom was in all religions never mentioned. The craving for understanding in the Goddess starts the very first moment of being unable to render who isn’t for most holy.

In the bible, we don’t find a single word Goddess. Even in Qur’an. So we end up disbelieved of the most important aspect of life to worship Goddess as of women should and God is for the men.

Cleanness’s is most important to never get yourself sick to get disbeliefs to any other problem. Muslims were thought by Mohammed to stop eating swine simply because it was poisoning the military. And yet at that time, it was giving mental health issues as of eating raw meat when they didn’t know how to cook at that time.

In the meantime, Mohammed cleansed their warriors to after the Ramadan. To make them strong for a fight. At that moment Muslims were to fight barbarians at most. But also to achieve territories. But to the belief that the military wasn’t the only thing that couldn’t be forgotten in a world of beginning. So if it was today, the military would have been forbidden by Mohammed.

Cleanness is the most important, just not because you have to focus on teaching yourself, but at most your tension to focus and educate is the most important.

Wearing a thing on the head is said to make a man in grief if he tries to prophesize. No one is allowed to make prophetic statements with a hat on. Unless he wouldn’t be able for the true.

To that, there are just few who greatly prophesize with their inner at cleanness in their hearth.

The majority of people do as well prophesize by a ghost who is filling any person at that moment by Godly proportions and it’s often great to listen to the moments as if these moments hit the people who are around. But for most daily life goes as nothing happened. And there is a promise that righteousness will fall on people and the lands whom these events will form their self of as soon the acknowledge and education to the knowledge is more fit to the people to lead the world into the greater.

So what is a perfect Muslim?

Clean and full of knowledge? The future youth unless a miracle would happen to turn a stone into a flower. Most people aren’t easier than just being someone unchangeable than the youth whom does not need a change of learned already right.



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