What I’ve sought in Muslims isn’t the same as I try to find and explore in non-believers to undo their wrongdoing. They are, though, Muslims, very strict to their rule of tomorrow by strong belief to God. Still, they are somehow entitled to much grief by it’s proceeding by having a too strong faith belief and knowledge that through centuries been garnished towards being too little respectful of even God and they’re self, also actually others.

Picture of Brasilboy on Norwegian “Brasilgutten” photography made by me back some years ago, and that’s the only lived version of the past as the house was on fire.

You might not hear that much of Moses, who went up a hill to form the ten commandments. But it was twenty. Because of the creation of these law’s people were to strictly forced to become either slave to God or they couldn’t do what they’ve sought to do. For the most, they hated the ten other new commandments, so they destroyed one of the two of the plates with the special additional rules to their everyday life. With these rules, they oathed it to be delirium and significant penalty to their life in presence in such a way they couldn’t do anything.

The rules aren’t hard for us to understand, and would give us a much better world today. But it’s the same, and people would be furious because of them. Here is an example of ten extra new commandments.

1. Do not have sex before marriage.
2. No suicide.
3. Do not marry more than once in life.
4. No love with the same sex.
5. Don’t write papers or law’s to kill others.
6. Don’t push yourself too much.
7. Don’t make a loan, which you can’t get back.
8. Don’t destroy the environment.
9. Don’t sell sex.
10. Don’t publicize what is opposed to weakness.

So due to these near like law’s people were in furious anger. They destroyed what was left for it to disappear to our time and never actually be that remembered. These laws either one single person on this globe can refrain from learning, it’s not by what you try to read that I’ve written, it’s by how you would write ten new commandments on your own. So try to write new ten commandments for yourself?

Muslims of excellent knowledge should have seen this as legality that this was the most suitable belief to the past about twenty commandments. Because the truth always shines better than lies. And Muslims oath is as well to all knowledge of what was before the time of Jesus, even probably Moses is a greater prophet to Muslims. But he is truly my favorite.

If you’ve seen the movie Muhammed: Messenger of God, you’ve would see an exciting story that has sought been eradicated and hidden from the world as the content of importance. It’s a movie of up to 2-3 hours covering the exact of that Muslims helped Christians in their survival by protecting them from other religions as if they were an alliance. As well as in fact, they had the choice of total annihilation of Christians, which they didn’t fulfill their path because they saved the Christians from other religions. So people merely lived in peace for centuries since Mohammed formed the doctrinal religion of belief. Even past to today, Christians should cherish Muslims for allowing their faith to exist.

For Muslims, even Moses was a prophet, but as well, Jesus was a prophet, yet most people don’t know that. So Satan was indeed a good existence since most Muslims as me myself believe that God had other plans in hand than just letting Satan rule it all. Then eventually, Satan did all his ideas accordingly to God 99% perfect, which means God fooled Satan into believing he did the wrongdoing. A true story would say God interpreted Satan to truly stand against himself in a way only he could make the suffering upon earth. Thus giving and granting us people the knowledge to never harm or do evil acts upon all living. The significantly who were left as 1% with great misery upon the earth and the people were performing higher-level sins.


So when we speak about the Quaran, we talk about differences to somehow Satan wasn’t able to fulfill his powers, but for some and most of the Christian people would, by taking a hand on the Quran, by reading it in a random page believe Satan powerfully wrote it. As a reference, I have stated in earlier storytelling on my site about a time traveler that took the world with his hands and power to rule them all, well performed in my track called Expotania. The ruler might have been all the people like Leonardo Da Vinci, and even Nicola Tesla and Michelangelo. Genuinely trying to fool the people of the world, as well as attending himself as a pope of darkness.

Upon opening Quaran in the middle of a random place, indeed some times where God follows your hand, you can open up to maybe essential writing to your own belief, it’s the same with a Bible. If you, though, are sought to believe in the opposite, you will be granted perhaps the gift of life which sends you through shaking hell, or just in a matter of the way to create an experience of promises for yourself.

But Quran is mere as written in codes in different scriptures after times. And what to cherish and abide is written opposite as if you have to kill means you do not kill or let them die. You don’t need to stone a person or beat lashes at his neck. Simple as that, there was never an easy way for God in a troublesome way to say the opposite not to do. We’ve in this world been with nukes, and the world would already become bombed to liberation, and a fraction of a small fault would sentence the world to its knee. So words written in Quran could precisely prevent a world of disaster, and people wouldn’t ever be beliving in Quran if one wrongly writing was in one single sentence. People do want to learn about God and all things, but if ever written Quran was too polite, it would never survive since it would be too good that Christians would annihilate Islam in out of the map as if it was overlord to Christianity. Spoken right, the words were written for its pure survival, but the interpret always needs to be learned opposite on some certain writings. And only a healthy person would know what is right and what is wrong.


So If wrongly written laws are genuinely wrong, it’s not up to the person to abide it wrong. It tells the truth itself to not do. But for an educated Muslim, it takes many years to educate himself. A Muslim, in my eyes, is, in many means, suffering, its a religion of suffering. It’s the endless path of suffering pain and dedication for knowledge. And it’s never that for sure that one Muslim is sufficiently educated. Therefore Muslims don’t have the same rights in life or shouldn’t at most be outside and having fun. It’s a life long sentence to abide by God to at least not sin. Have the less and be clean. To learn all knowledge of all written books to the librarian who were selling books of wonders in Bagdad of Iraq and never had a bomb fallen on his roof. It was shed a miracle to his house.

The filth, the unclean the destroyers and even the evil, is trying to destroy books, burn books, plenish too evil acts not to allow you to read what even these written words written towards your knownness.

But yes, cleanness is the most important thing for a Muslim. If you don’t wash, you might want to ask yourself if you are a Muslim. A Muslim isn’t forcely to become not to be a Muslim. He isn’t allowed to convert to another type of religion. But then again, he must ask himself if he is a Muslim if he does not follow up on knowledge and education? Because for a weak person, it is either not willing, and he is forcing himself to beg to God and use up his precious time on this planet. He is then praying towards a place. But in fact, is he a Muslim? When he has beliefs which himself strict upon himself of trying to abide God? Is he a Muslim when he does not follow the right path in his life, but works telepathically with God, waiting for a miracle to happen? And isn’t using time and effort to learn what most would do? What would most do? When was it allowed by God? If a Muslim knew he would use his time to not beg to God for 20 years, but finally, when he was at the doorstep to his success, he would do? What success & victory? That he, as well as Muslim, healed the world for wrongdoing? To my belief, you do not beg to God for yourself; it’s outmost outrageous dumb; you pray for other’s health and their enemy’s friendship and others in such a case. Your ego for your health is the least needed to pray for; it’s another’s person’s success you most likely would want to see.


So what is one believer? If not longer Muslim. And to whom didn’t convert but was a Muslim? A part of a society that holds their now decreasing majority of ancestors who lose the Muslim mark and trust in themselves. To become just some of the worst of a being who does not obey God? It is genuinely not said that if you aren’t Muslim, what are you then?

Someone else who lost their faith?

The difference between other religions isn’t significant. But your ancestors should have made you into clerics to teach religion on all religions and faiths, and the mark of a Muslim is genuinely just given few. And they are the people of the world. Who should learn Christianity, Jewish, Mormon, Buddha, and even Taoism and all that is available of all religions? It’s not that you convert to other religions. Your mission is to learn them all as all Muslims should do. That makes you the ultimate, and the ultimate eventual final is what God wants, not a mere pure Muslim. Nothing to brag about or even tell the world how to abide?

If you thought some could teach a young guy to never sin before filling the age of 18? Well, Muslims are well as educators of the world, not just a bunch of people who do not attend to anything? Well, become a teacher unless you never learn anything if you listen to some preachers or even people who talk out loud. You gain 10% of all their knowledge. But then they become true Muslims and not you. They are the teachers, and there are just a few of them. But the rest tend to become something, but the path of the teachers is the right path.

If you learn all religions? What happens then? You end up knowing the most. You start being near one of the eclectic people who know to seek the Goddess in their belief. To whom was in all religions never mentioned. The craving for understanding in the Goddess starts the very first moment of being unable to render who isn’t for you most holy.

In the bible, we don’t find a single word Goddess. Even in Qur’an. So we end up disbelieved of the essential aspect of life to worship Goddess as of women should be as God is for the men.

God might foresee it, that he could have been if he knew a woman’s mind, obliterated out of the existence. And thought to a woman is critical thinking to stay with only the Goddess. There are in my belief three essential sentences that men can’t know about women, so do women about men.

Cleanness is most important never to get yourself sick to get disbelief about any other problem. Muslims were thought by Mohammed to stop eating swine only because it was poisoning the military’s mind, and the people around them got mental issues. And yet at that time, it was giving mental health issues as they were eating raw meat when they didn’t know how to cook at that time as most didn’t even cook their food.

In the meantime, Mohammed cleansed their warriors after the Ramadan. To make them secure for a fight. At that moment, Muslims were to fight barbarians at most. But also to achieve territories. But to the belief that the military surely couldn’t be forgotten wasn’t the only thing in a world of the beginning. All other religions were like barbarians to any religion from the time when Jesus was, and time after, people often became in anger of others, as we now are in other meaning in our future. We don’t need to fight wars and endless fights to protect ourselves against unknownness. Mohammed protected the Muslims against unkownness that others had who would danger the nations.
So if it were today, the military would have been forbidden by Mohammed.

Cleanness is the most important, just not because you have to focus on teaching yourself, but at most, your tension to focus and educate is the most important. So doing yourself an essential washing is genuinely one of the vital things that cleanse you from attaining mental health issues. Not only though since eating healthy is the second most important. And the third last thing is having youthful stamina and exercise efficiently for your own body.

Wearing a thing on the head is said to make a man in grief if he tries to prophesize. No one is allowed to make prophetic statements with a hat on. Unless he wouldn’t be able to be aware, to tell the truth as the head is not available to God.

To that, there are just a few who greatly prophesize with their inner at cleanness in their hearth.

The majority of people do as well prophesize by a ghost who is filling any person by Godly proportions, and it’s often great to listen to the moments as if these moments hit the people who are around more precisely. But for most daily life goes as nothing happened. And there is a promise that righteousness will fall on people and the lands whom these events will form their self of as soon the acknowledge and education to the knowledge is more fit to the people to lead the world into the greater.

So what is a perfect Muslim?

Clean and full of knowledge? The future youth, unless a miracle would happen to turn a stone into a flower. Most people aren’t more comfortable than just being someone unchangeable than the child who does not need a change of learned already right.



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The Perfect Muslim

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