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Short book: The devil is dead!


Back in 2002 the day of mid summer. I finally caught the moment seized the opportunity to really have the guts that I’ve learned through a course of 5 years to finally see the devil in the eyes and let him steal my soul finally… I had that moment sitting in front of a wall, looking straight at the wall, using all my will to finally be able to see the dark. Then in case of focus I managed to look straight into the wall. It was like an darkness surounding my eyes. It was imminent as I couldn’t see that more than dark. What I’ve for ever been trying to do, to see the blue.

In a matter of four years, I truly believed it was possible to even my thought kept it straight to me. If my soul was taken the devil would have fulfilled his wrath he would be eternally powerful. As discussed with the sounds of it it wasn’t clearly nearly impossible for him to even attain all my thinking. He knew every part of it since the start of the journey. As if the disease was bigger with my psychotic events. But as far he did choke me nearly to death the moments in 2000 in someplace I’ve been. My thought struct me in the belief I was God. So he used his possible force like Darth Vader to choke me. It wasn’t that a special act but he as well tried to explain to me certain things by the flash of the light. That’s exactly the way it went further for me to understand how he could steal my soul. In that fact, only the light was blinking like insane for months and years under all means of my thoughts…

Finally, after 9/11 I was getting ill and caught a way to have more fear of the world to the interest of myself. It wasn’t far enough for me killing my neighbor but stakes set it to no other than a sentence to psychiatric treatment.

At that moment I had an idea for a Perpetuum Mobile. An instrument which was written about how magnets could be placed in such a way to create a momentum that my father believed would just spin in an eternal spin. I believed my mind would as well hold such powerfulness that my mind was to be stolen someday that it would be possible to be used for other developments.

But after a while being in psychiatric treatment I even started to read strange books and even Drama by John Paul the second. Which from that time never been published. As if Satan hated the book. The light dimmed off and on as if the whole scene was sinister.

But then again I stranded on a book about drama and it had its eternal sacred spell on how to visualize in your brain. It was like telling me that I had an eternal sword. And all have. The eternal sword is used in your little mind television as it has four corners and in that world, you can visualize anything you can travel back in time and to the future. You can destroy evil billion years ahead send it to the time of dinosaurs. Smash the diamond headed people to oblivion. Bury them beneath the ocean to never ever be found to find out they escape and once again throw wrath on the evilness.

So then with these internal vision things like spikes swords even tunnels and even more morbidly forbidden to enter. You wouldn’t want this unless you weren’t prepared.

The day after the time my mother was thought by my confirmation that she thought my mind. Strange enough I was jailed being near to kill my neighbor. But then some days after I was scared I was devastated by what I was doing. It wasn’t for it I thought I could heal some proportions of the world. Not just after I did see the news the media the blame media it was filled with utmost outrageous beliefs of the wrong future. It was like seeing Bjørk the singer from Iceland over pierced. It was like I was believing there were people who were living dead. And they most probably were. Controlled by thought control and being forced to do treacherous things as if it was their wrong destiny to influence the people who never were a chance to receive or be controlled. It was a big game…

Few months after I had the chance again to see in the wall. To finally see the darkness of the great focus. It wouldn’t be that much than focusing to see him. Someone, so I believed he the final master in this masterpiece of what I’ve done was to see him straight in front of me. See his eyes. And then I did draw my illusional knife poked out two of his big eyeballs. First, the left then the right. Suddenly then as I was in a belief my thumb had the ring if the Lord’s planted. I bet my thumb and then after all by his command in my head I did it. He as well said that you need to wrap the thumb. I did so having it in my mouth. Now drink the blood. And then again he said to drink more. And strangely enough from that day in forward I’ve never heard any voices in my head.

That was even strange experience my thumb was taken out from my mouth by a psychiatric worker who pulled out my thumb with a tree spoon. So today after then I’ve had a different thumb after a treatment.

But it wasn’t just that. I’ve spoken with dozen of people and even most told.me their voices in their head stopped. And even as I knew it all who said their had voices in their head were just even saying it since they were afraid the society. I’ve even been confirmed by many that they’ve just said that to be in treatment. So after 2002, I believe the system was shut down somehow. Somehow Satan played multiple games. He even controlled the mind of millions could think like the millions at once. That’s mostly why he gained beliefs on how to rule the world as an evil master under all matters of to not bring any suspicions to any of his future plans.

But then again we were left in this world where he never more could rule. His people underneath him have shards of the plan. They plan to resurrect Satan they have the future on hold. They don’t like how it is. And they fail under all means to most of their plans. They’ve can’t foresee the future as Satan did. And even though they’ve killed each other’s the most important and the less as Iran did to their nuclear plant scientists even they didn’t do mistake after might virus by the USA entered Nazareth.

So today we have changed. But there are many things Satan changed for the wrong!

We will have to reinvent most medicine. Some medicine isn’t for the actual and is a real treatment to other things so that to hide it under a name and forever keep it as secret. Or use makes medicine to never treat disease as even Schizophrenia. Some are there cheap as cheaper to turn off the immune system on onset Schizophrenia.

They’ve even invented a sacred belief to people that aluminum would give you Alzheimer’s but it’s true property heal all cancer if correctly inhaled with smoking.

Even when media knows it full connection with emotions to the daily report. It even utilizes people of hatred. Some people wouldn’t be able to perform terrorist acts unless media wouldn’t write about other killing others or terrorism would be described of the acts they’ve done than just allowed to write only “an unknown terrorist killing 30 today” and write no more.

To that, we’ve been falsely upon the laws of the Illuminati. First, you import one engine to the car. Then you buy the chassis. Then you really make it a car and sell it for zero taxes. That’s how all Illuminati people would earn their money. And the law to this is still a hole in most countries. That’s how they’ve done it through all times. And most probably it would be written in the book how to be Illuminati for dummies.

Those people sold their life for the worse is by as well means by how people think about the money. In fact, the best thing would be to give the rich people to give this belonging to the state and there would be no rich if so you could only have a maximum wage. And it would be fair to all. First the rich would hate the plan. But in other part love the idea.

It isn’t just that a change is needed but a dramatic change in the world is needed. And the people who really do dramatic changes are in fact only Trump. You’ve would really love to have him win the election in 2020 since he was the only capable. If you’ve seen enough dirt on Hillary you’ve would believe more to that Illuminati the Devil and the Masonry’s have fallen more apart the day Trump won we all nearly saw that the evil could no longer posses the night!

Two songs worth to listen by by this little short book: The devil is dead was one musical act I’ve asked one girl to sing back in 2010 to truly give out the message to that the devil was dead!


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