Dealazer Sytrus Presets – The Collection of 700 free presets

This is the cool collection of Dealazer Presets made through 5 years on progression of Sytrus preset making. These presets were made through different aspects and have been thrown from FL 10 to FL 12 as presets. Remember these presets have bad work on the envelopes for many of these presets, altering the envelopes might give another sound, or even better understanding of the sound for your self to check out.

Some of the presets will work for FL 10 and some for FL 11 and the rest will only work for FL 12. But all will work in FL 12.

If you would like to download them you can do that exactly at this link:

Dealazer – Sytrus 700 Presets The Collection

This is the cool collection of 700+ Presets for Sytrus. Enjoy a free download of cool presets! All Royalty Free for use. All ranging from Ambient to Trance.

Your total amount is : 10.00 (Currency: USD)

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