This is one of these huge projects that I was making, it’s kind of Wonder Trance in the try to make it as long as possible. With progression all the way to the end. Sweet as hell.

With most of my own vocal effect samples and one shot samples this track actually became something beyond imagination. With only FL Studio Native plugins used it also was super devotion to make something different for anyone to listen on their own computer.

Well it’s time to share around the project for those who seek in to know how to make Wonder Trance. The structure in Wonder Trance most often starts out as breakstep and emerges into normal feel of drumkit. While the intro mainly stays with progression of less advanced pads. While arpeggiator is also kind of needed sound in the music.

The whole project is cpu heavy cause of multiple Sytrus instruments.

It’s one of my finest works I’ve been put through for ya all to listen and like!

Download the project 28mb zipped down from here:

Dealazer – Silver Wonderous FLP Download


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