And then I said to myself jungle
where the written stories are written.
Much good but still that is not the that away you know shizz ko kok bom da rawej and then shish koo koo kok kok da rawej and then you knew da ra wey beliving that this isn’t fame shizz ko ko kok shiz ko ko kok.
That areway no what I mean, down to the tellings of their own, everyone had stories..
that away you know that way you never been into you know
then suddenly saw that paths are divided by loves
that a way. Couldn’t been bad horny that away…
You know there is much telling, but they don’t build their kingdom for themself
we have a future but we tend to be in the that away, you know down that there is love who is counted
and we been far eachothers, but hey I wanna stay in the social reality…
That most then AI mind, that away…
No one could enter the dungeons on them self…
da rawei you know, and love is precious by who you stay for eternal life.
that a way
and then you should’nt put handclees on my hands, birinin that way…
and then even the touch of that, you know, given that kingdoms er build by eternal love
love for eternity that a w way
you know into the bigger dimensions of myself
birren that way, my knuckles don’t feel that a way that social impact isn’t possible to react
that away then you stay being at same or in the future…
Future of more, than just rotten pillow in a rom, making progress to my own problems in Psychiatry, that a way and then to fund the make to be in a room, or never do anything outside your room…
Not birren that way, staid 20 years in psychiatric prisoin
birren not that away, fighting for rights, but seems no one gives rights
in kingdom of dungeon below hidden away that away..
and birren that kok ko koksbom da rawej
The aliens was caught in the colon next audio file…
Keepen here for secret…

Shizz Ko Kock Boom Daraway

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