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Super fast BTC-Scrambler 800+/s private keys scan on BTC – Will search up to 10^75×50 holding 15000BTC+



Donate 10% BTC to; Let others see this is possible soon!




Final Edition of this scrambler is for 100% free use by you now! Now it is the opportunity to steal.

I did never want this money! So it’s up to you what you do! Does not matter anyway. It will take a long decade for you to find the private key to your desires. Either way, you only can do that on a proven to be a rootkit or even hacked systems! You will certainly make some rich but it never benefits anyone. Either way! Go use that money sending all the money checks to all around the globe. The people who most desire the money Women and their systems to maintain their society! Yeah in Egypt all you could do was to handle a bunch of money to the importance of certain women! The only thing that would happen to the end would be you giving to the women a certain value of impression but that is not all. Have you ever thought why Sahara is not the biggest garden in the world?

All you need is certain types of systems to justify the use of less filtered sea water, just enough to filter the salt water!

It would end the War in the world!

That’s why the wars are going on! The lack of food and clean water!


Anyway, this Scrambler can be run up to 16 instances with the newest processor. If you get can’t accept connections you need to install reg file that is with a program file, you can edit it to check the periphery of it. And edit it to value 1. If you get any sort of problems set it higher. But it’s a good option for anti-hacking system on your computer as well. And if you run server or http server you might not need to use this type of system on your computer.

The Scrambler will search on a unique page for BTC.

There are 11000+ accounts holding at least 25BTC+

But there are 10^75 at max numbers to check. That will take a decade to check.
And even each page has 50 accounts. So 50 x 10^75.

Maybe God will unleash you a lucky number!

These addresses it will find and write to its own wallets.txt file if it finds anything.
There is a wallet at 2475382364619358280662120143799 with a balance of 0.0 with wallet address: 1KnM5Q2h8KUu8TYRzhNYNJooHnzaTSBULc

So you can then plot in the found private key into Bitcoin-qt or blockchain.info.

Just remember to check the corresponding site. 2475382364619358280662120143799 at:
After you run discovery.go:  http://localhost:8085/2475382364619358280662120143799

You need Java to run this program, as well as Google go code system to run discovery.go

Remember version 1.9.5, newest does create errors! And you need the older one.

GO:  https://golang.org/ <– V. 1.9.5!!!!:


Download: Final-Edition-v.4-Bitcoin-Scrambler-by-Dealazer

You need JDK to run this:

JAVA:  http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk9-downloads-3848520.html

The newest SDK 10.2 will also be able to run this code as far as I understand!

Java latest works so you don’t need to compile. Version 11, not 8.

You might need java editor and compile the file scramblers.java again for the .class file:

And use it for the latest Java version if you don’t have 11.


If you get exception handling 87 you need to download below 0.16.3 core! New does yet not work.

Download 0.15.2 or 14.2. 0.15.2 is better as of windows crashes. And will not reload a new blockchain.

Remember you can’t run this scrambler in a minimized window!

The bitcoin-qt can be downloaded from https://bitcoin.org/en/download

Don’t have any addnode= after downloaded bitcoin blockchain in the bitcoin.conf file.

As well as:


Change in Scramblers.java the unique value up to if you need other random numbers to run:

The new version uses a random sequence based on random by random of diving and it’s better than all types of these random number generators as it dives below the above number.

Did you know it’s like waves the random system? It never hits lower than a certain value. I’m a mathematician in that sort of extent. The use of that certain knowledge is for anyone. Remember that random isn’t fully random when it cannot dive under the certain value of even 10^72! The system of unique randomness is based therefore for most people into a worry!

Did you know if you can make your tax return bigger if your tax is 33%?

Dividing a number is taking a dive even into the assertion of the difference 32 and 34 stands in the between what actually 33 does.

The mathematical problem to this is that the calculator uses assessment to actually know what the number used in divide is based on its logical thinking to which assessed level a number is close to being by the multiplication system.

Ending in a simple solution to know that if you use your brain and even your writing paper with the actual right type how to divide you will end up in what is the PI value when using the divided system. That’s why some people started being idiots in Guinness Record Books. But their failure was to say why is this based on that and this.

So let’s just create a perfect smile 🙂

It will take some time searching for the right address.

Enjoy while it lasts!

It’s a derived code from:


Final Edition v.4 Bitcoin Scrambler by Dealazer

Some talked about this:

I hope for you nobody finds a sniffer in their wallet dude. Cause your signature is all over the code.
Hehe, sniffer… Hehe, no big problem. Most idiots would have moved their coins to safer grounds.

Accounts starting with number 1 aren’t safe at all.

Those left with no clue to their account will be left alone.

That’s theft then?

It’s simple as using the private key of the account. And you got the amount.

But searching 10^75 will take decades…

And it’s not theft since all should move to safer accounts with their value. <– Important!

Somehow it is theft, but it will always be exploited by someone!! <– Remember!

IF you are looking for 1500+ accounts in seconds scrambler like this;

The price of this scrambler is your life!

With Latest CPU Ryzen you can run max 8+ instances, each instance searches 100 accounts each second! If you have a slower CPU it can run up to 8 but slower on connections. Because of connection problems to Bitcoin Core, you can’t have too many connections each second. You can as well reduce the incoming by blocking your Bitcoin Core for the internet. You don’t need new blocks for weeks as these most often don’t contain the use of legacy wallets. There is a reg file so it can search up to around 20000 accounts each second if you are able.

Donate to Dealazer:


8 Instances:


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