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How to save the world & nature? If all did this it would been awesome, and you’re great! CO2 isn’t dangerous but it will become!


If we all started someplace thinking about what we can contribute with that any politician can’t change? It’s not always them but it’s the tiny things we do that makes the world different, what we as consumers do. And it’s not seldom told that the consumers always have power. Remember how it went down for Myspace after changing their systems into useless peace of adventure. And never redesigning it back to eventually the same as before.

But politicians are big fat liars, they only consist of listening to low identity activists like Greta Thunberg, she does not have a vision or even knows her dreams how they should look like. Perhaps you have plenty of any of these politicians in your country. You are seeking to only warn them to even start a process to make insane taxation of all grocery store plastic, metal, and glass. And to extend the tax to even a dollar each ounce or even a package by grams.

Any way you would like to send them an inquiry to do that. But they won’t listen to you, first, you need to be like Michael Jackson to really standoff to something good. And then politicians might listen to you, I’ve sent 5 letters inquiries about this about taxation of all grocery store food but nothing really happened last 2 years. Nothing. Not even a reply.

If we as consumers would change our minds towards what our daily routines are often these small things do have a futurism outcome. Perhaps you would stop eating land-based meat? Well, I did. In case of fear of industrialism and it fears what meat can contain. Today it contains, parasites, fungus, and bacteria. And you seldom can make a steak smell as it even has substances to avoid smelly old steak and substances to maintain a low-level bacteria level, some even thrive in this.

So by this mean, I would tell you two of the worst people in the world. They are vegans and omnivores. And in the middle you have fish and dairy products eating vegetarians. I don’t fully know what the right name is for them. But a fish that soaks for breathing air. In its revelation to live above the ground. While it takes its last breath? Well, when you give it life by taking it out of the ocean to live above the sea level. It’s the same as capturing insects for food, and they, of course, were meant to have a short life span. They are the smallest living creatures and of course, they are happy being caught as they are not few, they are many many millions. And a million small is great since few often bring with themself plagues and illnesses. Eating insects would be a future for most because it is less to believe higher animals do have a tendency of having an IQ. You wouldn’t eat a speaking swine? One who would say to you, I love you. Eating swine is perhaps the same as eating an ape. But in fact, we fear eating apes as they are in close relation to our own body. But the swine is perhaps more related to us, but it can’t speak as the ape and is of course not corresponding by walking like us.

As we would be eating meat. I can tell you a true story about people. You’ve might always wonder how African people might not even have money for toothpaste. As if they were shown on television as if they had white teeth in a poor country with no toothbrush. Perhaps they never had any money for toothpaste. As food even was scarce. They didn’t put their teeth to meat! Yeah, all they had was nearly just spinach. And wheat. And most0 probably not a cow which they could kill. Simply because the cow produced important milk. And the holy cows were never killed. Like in India. So by that, they even had white teeth. Only then to realize that the cow can be used to give us milk as a gift. Not as being a tool to be killed or slaughtered for other food discovery. Though some could, in their last days of life, if we knew that the cow would die in some years, as they do in Mongolia, if the horse is wounded and will feel pain, they kill the horse for slaughter.

So you would really be sparing much money on avoiding buying toothpaste, you might have healthier mouth if you sought to eat less meat, it really fills the holes in your mouth and even bacteria thrive. Yeah, think of the plastic wrapped around the paste. And even you throwing it to garbage. And starting mere different proceedings of what industrial society did do to the world. Everything is now wrapped in plastic. You might want to listen to some of my tracks telling fuck it about that:


So why are vegans bad? Well, most have already learned it. Because they eat all of the foods that are to spare for the most. And why land eating omnivores are also bad is because they eat the food we should actually spare, because of humanity and being understanding that life is life, and the life is meant to give us just the gifts which there are of extra plenty, as with a cow the milk, and with a chicken the eggs.

So it’s the same specifics about vegetarians if you actually decide that diary food. And eggs are really good for society. You don’t need to kill the cow. You don’t need to kill the chickens! Simply because they are giving us the extra gifts in mere of just giving us a little extra. And the extra is like a gift to us. Unless then the trillion dollars business of how to make cheese needs to exist, and without everyone would be drug addicts. Cheese is good and it’s one of the most important businesses that the world has, in fact, it’s bigger than any other market if we really think it’s importantness.

Do eat dairy foods. It was meant for that. And it really is so important for the future. The old industry making it with millions of fragrances. As it does really make importance what vegans are destroying. By belief that the extra gift that God put on this Earth should not be forgotten.

By as well keeping your future to only promote no killing of cows and chickens we might be ahead of something cool. Like perhaps reduction of producing effort into slaughter.

Maybe on a distant planet, there would be a civilization that treated cows as equal to humans? That their life was important. It would be simply if the cow could speak. And tell the world how much it would be loved living long and delivering only milk to us. It would be its choice to speak if it only could speak to us. Maybe some cows do? If they were taught to speak or signalize as the elephants do by making a drawing on a painting. If though you saw an elephant draw a painting?

But there was once a pig who lived long. He eventually escaped the slaughterhouse route as he knew he would be into a slaughterhouse. So he did swim over the Oslofjord. Especially because he felt it was his last days and last day at being killed. So he ran away from the path of slaughter. And lived happily after ever as he became the holy pig. No-one wanted to slaughter the courageous pig. So he died his old days being in the fields. He used a whole day to swim over the island to another field and was found several days after. This true story is spoken by several people in DrΓΈbak.

There are other means why and how the earth could be saved. It’s not very few ways. But your customer improvement might be to just buy the food which is less wrapped in plastic. Now totally we have around 10% of the people in the grocery store who buy the food and eventually the only needed food that is also well less packaged with plastic, metal or glass. They make the choice most don’t, and really are thinking of what to buy and not to buy. The lesser the package wrapped in an industrialized way, the more sales do as well these products have. And they are increasing in certain income as far no producer did know about since they are afraid of a change. They even don’t empty the holes in their packages.

Did you know that as well a certain level of the people even buy hermetic and jars of glass unless they are truly capable of to recycle both of them in the nearest place around their house in the green recycle stations? They often don’t buy food packed in plastic. Some now do. If they can recycle 100% of the plastic. And some, in fact, do that, but the pickup of the plastic is often scarce and you do have to have special collecting vehicles for that, and some throw both into the garbage after collecting.

All you would do is to throw all your garbage 100% right. Because I was thinking like this way for about just 10-20 years. My Karma to life improved generally more than many other people. But in fact that being strict and having the capacity to telling others these things would in fact for some increase chances in winning in the lotteries. And I did win at the casino. Simply because I cared about some things. And I never fell into debt! By making love to the world and others, the love will be returned.

So by changing your daily routine which you most likely should do. Is by taking care of vegetarian gifts. Not throwing anything into the wild. Taking care of the ocean. Pick up garbage. Even that is hard. But who many thought they would be thinking the same as you at the age of 20? Well, many elder people clean after the dumb people. I don’t see that young people would make a difference unless they were told to clean and make up for themselves. In the old times, we had “BlekkUlf”, the “Octopus Ink”. He taught children to have a clean environment. And he was major in the ’80s even after the time Norway became the biggest country to think green and solutions to have a clean environment. So it stayed for years this important thing about BlekkUlf. And he taught all to keep the treasure of the environment without polluting the Earth. Maybe that’s as well why certain ways Norway became as well the most promising country to reserve it’s environment to secure it’s nature being controlled and laws as well were made to prevent pollution.

Like you would believe everything is going for the worse. Yes, it does. No one has learned anymore some of the old. And children today are confused as looking at the same new things that come out. And never watch a good old comic or Cartoon Network with as well the same good information to keep the environment clean. You don’t find scientific research on TV for the kids and everything that would keep the world saved!

The right thing about our planet now is the death of forest acres, seawater with higher levels of plastic, drinking water contamination, chemical disposal, radioactivity, the extinction of animals, GMO, chemicals in agriculture, windmills killing wildlife, city expansions, that’s the real CO2!

You might even think that ecological agriculture is bullshit! Yeah, it maybe is, because Jara with it’s the production of fertilizer for the production is the same good as even without. Without you do produce less and have a problem with your farm. But what truly is important is to change out the type of wheat or type of green you want to plant on your farm if you have the threat of any sort of insect. That is the biggest killing of everything out there. And by killing insects with pesticide you as well kill the people who eat it, and there wasn’t even a single pesticide since the start which was truly non-toxic to the environment and the soil.

Though nitrogen fertilizer is most likely prooved to be healthy for the environment. If we now stopped the production, all the life in the sea would die out. So it’s the same threat we can fear of reducing to high levels of CO2 as it might be by fear of CO2 which actually isn’t the biggest problems as pollution killing animal and plant life, and just single disposal of certain chemicals can kill acres of soil and earth and even never give life to any kind of life for centuries. That’s why even pesticide isn’t good for any soil in the world. You have to invent a typical way to make animals lick off your plants on the field as the Ladybird would do, and this animal as something else than an insect is near Extinction. You see the Ladybird on this post pictures that I’ve made for you to share around.

Lose yourself in the moment, let others truly believe in the fullness of creating a better world as a customer, the more you learn others to become something in their life as appreciating the life and the nature, the more can be done than just several screams at politicians who truly never do a change, if they weren’t overspoken by important people they only care to speak with. You and I as mere normal wouldn’t get a chance for changes.

So why isn’t CO2 dangerous, but will it become? Well, I say it again, the plants grew bigger more and wider in the forests of where the world didn’t diminish, the plants grow bigger and taller, but the ocean is an even bigger producer of oxygen. There were never any types of different ways to monitor the ocean, but plants there as well eat more CO2. And by sudden to the high reduction of CO2, we might face a difference where we might choke the plants who live around the globe, especially in the water and above sea level. So reducing to a high level at once if we got a speaker who would say, we must stop all production now. And if that happened it would increase the level of our extinction.

But though CO2 is a way to reduce our life on planet, because production of things do produce CO2 but I’m more worried about all other chemicals that are disposed in big containers and even released upon collection places where even the chemicals flow to the drain of the water flow in around the cities, and the garbage industry even burns the chemicals increasing all levels of toxins into the air. Which in some cases increase suffocation to people and the earth’s soil. If we continued at this level we do, even the ocean will die, as the reefs of around Gibraltar did now, they died just yesterday and it was too late to save the reef. It was truly the contamination by all chemicals in total even oil to even sulfur to even all plastic.

You wouldn’t believe how much computers and telephones we throw most are even just even polluting the earth because we burn them or crush them to even dispose of that anywhere, and by rain, it collects erosion to even create disposals that are truly toxic to the soil of the earth. Burning all of it will create as well certain levels of toxins, so this might as well be the end of the reefs if we follow in the same tempo as yesterday.

Do something, do care about nature! It is by taking care of your sick friends who do only pollute, tell them the right thing to do, and they will often do the right thing!


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