There was one patient, waiting for that last day.
Last days of his life. Like many with chemotherapy, it was. But the Mad Doctor had other plans.

Patient lying in bed.

Doctor: Gooday to you sir, how’s your wonderful future?
Patient: Well, you see, I’m dying?
Doctor: Don’t wait any longer, we have a new treatment around!
Patient: OH, I don’t believe you, I will anyway die…
Doctor: Nurse get him on cigarettes 20 daily, we want him to celebrate his dying!
Patient nudging, but after some time, he starts to smoke as he as well was given increased values of morphine as his addiction to cigarettes was initiated in a matter of collaboration.

Patient, after some time, smoking heavy, coughing, and not enjoy his life at last, but was frankly enjoying the ride on morphine.

Doctor to Nurse: Mix some heavy-aluminum shards in the cigarettes now. Let’s see if he really soon dies. We don’t want more people on chemotherapy; it’s too expensive for the state.

Doctor to patient: You will be most likely healthy by all yourself because you started smoking.
Patient: Oh, why’s that?
Doctor: Well, you see, those who smoke up cigarettes fast as heaven like in 1-3 seconds, they the quickest to get out of this hospital.
Patient: Oh, why’s that?
Doctor: You know these cigarettes we produce they 100% not weed and no illegal substances! Even it’s free like hell, and we take out all the expenses of the hospital. But we make them unique in this hospital.

The patient, after just 1-2 weeks, smoked up only 5-10 aluminum cigarettes fast in 3 seconds as in one puff. To maximize the meaningful way to blast up the aluminum into smoke, as aluminum evaporates at a higher temperature level.

Patient: Feels like all my cancer is all gone away, doctor what is your secret?
Doctor: Well, sir, now that you started smoking our cigarettes, do you intend to stop smoking in your life?
Patient: Hell no, I will smoke till I die with the cigarette in my arm.

Short Story: Mad Doctor to patient with severe cancer cells – Cancer Treatment

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