Here is one of these stories told towards just more within-within few of this inside in within.
You might not fully understand this towards the more you seek upon mostly all of these short stories. It’s a war within called Jihad, something as a battle within, in the mind of the people, a war of where you attend as the taker, taker of the mighty eternal sword you might perhaps be able to have within. Still, upon a time, you dwell, not taking the shots and the moments. As maybe never taking risks and the ways to possibly taking the long, to win it all. As there are paths beyond, to enter the dungeons of the seek, and thus fight off the evil, monstrous divide, things that hide, hide beneath so that therefore you will be able to fight against, with your holy sword, within still time given you will win.

Tho thi thee is the end.

Two tracks recommended listening to as you might proceed. The last Metric Shapes will really lift you up beyond the future!:

I’ve already written about this Holy War you might find this article little well worthy to read as well:

What I’ve think of the World of Today! Jihad and the holy war in your mind! Short Story!

Short Story: Eye of the Beholder – Jihad The Holy War

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