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By what way should Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies do to improve?


By all cryptocurrency and by Bitcoin, you will attain a probability to even at the ends of its journey give a mere decreased level of income for the miners, making it in particular not fully attractive as it would have been from the beginning.

But as far now the increased rate as even with currencies like Pi we encounter difference where miners are attaining a program like perhaps a coin where the mining operation is mere basic and does not need electricity to run or even generate coins. This offers a unique value which increases the popularity of these coins as well perhaps does give a reduced level of waste.
Somehow Bitcoin is just a play of random number generation of SHA256. But as far we see it you might never generate any of this code to become of any certain value. It diminishes as soon as a miner operates for no reason than trying to find a unique code to the blockchain to even be accepted as an algorithm. So we have here a waste of electricity and to no use.
In the future or by future the Bitcoin network could be used differently, as perhaps creating AI intelligence and computing AI intelligence, don’t say if it’s already there where SHA256 is computing alone the world’s biggest network of AI intelligence to realize how to perform its actions in the reality. Though AI needs a reality recognition and only SHA256 codes would interpret to realize for an AI what is reality?

So perhaps there was already a plan in Bill Gates times where people would sit and brainstorm the whole thing how to make AI. And by these means your computer might, in fact, send codes which transfer underneath the system as intelligent secret transfer underneath your computer from and thus giving information to a different network which in fact does compute algorithm in a totally different way. As you have binary codes this system might be underneath the code and thus then as well as HEX the code of binary to which implements it’s code FF as biggest as the value of 255. Thus a system that I would call PEX would lie underneath and transcend even copy and paste code of Linux to nullify its code.

Though to the start of this topic, a mere best possible solution to near-perfect cryptocurrency would then be by reversing the reward of a block, which in fact in the first days of a coin would be with less interest but at levels of giving the lowest possible value of the discovery of a coin. Thus then giving increased value over time, giving value to the coin in fact in different proportions increased attention. As even no coin to this day even uses this reversed technology.

By the future, the increased value of milliseconds of internet travel from Los Angeles to Singapore which takes 23 hours non-stop travel by plane, thus giving the increased value to near a millisecond of response, a need of turning off all cryptocurrencies would be in increasing value done. Since newer systems as to use your capable power of processor or even graphic card to rent out the use of it to others would increase in fact this use. As even Cern, a particle collider system could be used in a way where the computer, in fact, simulates this possibility without the need of a reactor to collide particles. In this possibility, the use of computing of your computer would rather be used than even waiting 11 years for a collide.

By the use of cryptocurrency, we would be needing as well to reduce the increased level of scams, as making cryptocurrencies probable of reducing scam levels to a minimal, the need for more regulation to sell Bitcoin will be enforced upon such ways that there would need to identify certain levels of the use of Bitcoin. But this, in fact, would increase the level of skepticism to the way the Bitcoin network is, of course, a decentralized network which in fact is upon the peers available as a connection to the system. Which in fact you can’t just turn off Bitcoin Network it’s nearly impossible unless malicious code is implemented into newer Bitcoin software where the forks which disallow older versions of Bitcoin program and thus giving the new network of Bitcoin value to implement such Hazzard.
Since the beginning there were certain beliefs that even the use of 51% attack would destabilize the network, such things are still possible, but less thinkable to do for the owners of the network of certain coins in such way the miners in favor of all other miners would apprehend the blockchain and in that way implement a reasonable takeover of all transactions and then implement their own transactions to barely steal perhaps all 11.000 accounts which in old version of private keys were probably lost in which all the Bitcoin accounts hold a higher base value than even 25BTC.

Though the problem with many coins is often as well attack upon 51% where coins die out since the owners don’t fully know how to disable them from the network to accept a different or bad blockchain, which often has been mined in a faster tempo than the original blockchain. We’ve seen many coins go away because of these attacks, and often coins disappear by that because of the different height of the blockchain. Thus there hasn’t been full scale 51% attack other than to mix up two chains where peers of the network don’t fully know what to understand about what is the best blockchain thus then changing in even 3-4 different versions of the coin thus giving the pools which you mine through a problem of the cause to even stop working.

By these means cryptocurrency has come to stay, maybe the implementation of an electricity-free use network would be the future?


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