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Bipolar & The Coolest Treatment Solution in our World




Based on different proportions I’ve discovered back in 2015 a set of usable proteins and fatty acids that truly remarkably treated one girl that I did know back then. She was either too high above with the medicine she took, so they stopped feeding her with that. Then she was bottom down to the deepest you would ever believe. As if she had 2 different personalities. And was truly 100% Bipolar.

P.S: The personalities were more like stages of an emotional character. Extreme sadness to even happiness.

There was one day that I noted at the place I was, some kind of scent from the air system to come into the room. Then I actually at that moment wrote just a written paper, that the girl truly would become hysterically cool, yeah she was affected by the Cannabis that was coming out of the ventilation system. So that probably was her third personality. Even that took me to their belief, that it truly was something that was a good treatment. But she anyway staid between my solution and the Cannabis solution the psychiatric ward gave her.  So it either wasn’t the normal state that she truly should have in her life, even the medicine took her up beyond Cannabis.

This story would not be for long since the need to treat people is though more important than the story in itself. But it started nearly in 2014 when I was investigating the main causes of mental illnesses, for me it was like yeah it should have some sort of possible treatment.

From there and then, I started to believe any mental illness could be treated. In fact, it was the bacteria or the parasite causing this. Eventually in my other discoveries of being insane healthy of my illness through different proportions of usage of somehow strong anti-biotic substances as perhaps Cannabis would be for first time user. People who barely touches the substance over long periods of time.


Much of the illnesses were based on the food most do eat, not that it’s the food, but it’s the meat that most often is contaminated enough to make most with the ability to have mental illness to have it. The reason is the bacteria and the parasites that mainly cause the immune system to be alert and is sending then any of the Interleukin-6 and Interleukin-1-beta as which Karolinska Institute had that stated, the source is at end of this article. But as soon as you are aware that most mental illness is actually based on this fact.

Then with trying to find a cause to many ways to even treat my own Schizophrenic mind, I looked for solutions, they were not many, they were not little. But there was one lady in the Netherlands Dr. Iris Sommer, her articles are gone though. But she tried to explain that her patients could use Aspirin and something called N-Acetyl-Cysteine somehow could be used as treatment very well for her patients.

My research through much of this then ended on the total solution for the girl that was the most remarkable state of bipolar state she ever could have, and for me, it just ended with sleeping 6 hours a day even being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. And here I bring you the type of used solution for many different mental illnesses:

L-Lysine, L-Carnitine, and Cysteine.  As well in addition to Lecithin.

There are different proportions of this to use N-Acetyl-Cysteine, but it can be too heavy as well somehow flush your daily medicine with no special effects.

The protein L-Carnitine might be abundant for many people, causing an internal problem based on achieving an illness over time without the body being able to reproduce this protein. As it can only be produced by intake of L-Lysine. But my belief is that people with Bipolar illness don’t produce this substance

My recommendation is to use these proteins just each second day. The effects stay for around 3 days for most.

200mg of the proteins and around up to 1000mg of Lecithin would suit many for their own treatment each second day.

There are around the internet a lot of these articles about Aspirin and it’s a good treatment for Schizophrenia. Mostly it was used by me at these stages when the eating of meat caused a higher level of restlessness. It might though be a very good solution to on state mania for many patients to reduce intake of meat. As it is most likely more convenient treatment to mania when being restrained and belted than many other solutions for people in psychiatry.



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