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Book – BASIC



When we are basic we are basic, simple enough. I Hate ASIC makes me acid, like Tracid against.
While being who I am, I am not who else I could be, but I believe that who else you are you are?.

Not basic as they. tho they who take away your dreams can’t sleep because they don’t sleep for other than breaking dreams. And when they don’t sleep they use something called the essence of life. Taking away your path with something clean as a muse. But they then don’t seem abusive.

The abusive power withstands the being different or differential or even being something most want.
That is why they many of the same Basic as you can believe take you for granted and use you like something to study. Something to bother to make for them self as an option of difference.

When you then realize you ain’t the ace, then others come very late and complain your own daemonic paths in your life. Since who is indifferent isn’t as the difference. And then they who are different are to be blamed or put into daily sleep in a mental society. Then forced to eat scraps of yesterday and then tended to be their self in a pattern of demonic spender of time. Without anything else than revokes of the reality.
So blame who to blame, the basic.

The Basic, is an ASIC, Bitcoin. The society of nevertheless use of power or scrutiny of nothing. Lame systems of brutal masses and asses.

Who to blame, yourself? No, it’s the one who made it possible those who couldn’t oppose him, those who couldn’t change the mindset towards it, because the blame was even the reef or the drink that could take them beyond their self. Even that was a choice of the basic elements of making possible ways of life out of the basic. But still they couldn’t relieve it for just one moment, it was always until the money took end. Then the end of that came, so the precedence could never come out of the outfall of that.

The basic as it is, 256 bit or 16 bit? Well, you wouldn’t want to make it out with someone basic. They would ruin your life or they would put you into basic? That wouldn’t be as beautiful as basic would be. But then it would turnaround your life into being abusive with the power of the money.

These days we hear often the people who aren’t welcome but they welcome their path to the tenderness of nothing. They oppose the people who are not as they self. SO they would never tend to attack you unless your own meanings make their living of a better. Until then, they use you like a magnet to their self. And until then, they use your ideas as their self and never would tell who made you the day. Then they make your help as their own help never mentioning your help had helped them.

So it wouldn’t be more than after October 2018. That the girl stopped eating meat because she was filled up with dirt and the drinking didn’t even stop her illness to go away. COuldn’t then mention what and who told her that. That is what life calls it basic to the bone. Since you do want to make it as own travel, not mentioning who made you real the flesh who could live longer in the depress of your own husband even finally took the day. Since if you don’t tell who to blame for the good, you end up having a problem of your own. MAking that a curse on others.

But that wouldn’t always be as planned for a basic to change to being the Tracid.
Even I wouldn’t complain about doing the right. Not all are given to do the right at all given settings of life. There are more important things to life than putting a curse on others, so the basic would leave without being others not basic anymore. fame is just to blame, then putting me up on the hill would raise the daemon above his head, and put me in hell.

So let me tell you a story. I wasn’t always honest about my life, neither am I that now. But things aren’t as you think they are, you have to abolish all that you’ve learned since this story is to tell what to abolish, and not what to hold anymore.

As Rome was built they made all the roads with irrigation. Means the water would turn down to the side. If they build the roads as they do with asphalt they will not drain out to the sides makes them rotten in the middle of the wide.

So but there is an idea just of making plastic of 1cm or even making the roads as Hitler once did in Germany with concrete. That as well can be done by collecting the co2 from the coal companies. This co2 could also be made into co2bags. Where you just compress the O2 out of the C. Then it would evaporate the o2 if it was higher level than making the c more colder. Fast heating and fast cold would just make a white powder out of the clouds.

The 1cm of plastic could be layered and replaced easily if it was torn too much by the cars driving upon it. Before it then would be made as plates or rolled out.

Archimedes made a very good screw to drill out the oil or the water? Well, it was the water who he drilled out. But for oil it was different. Hidden secrets of yesterday.
Waterfall always fall! But why build one watermill when you can build tens of dam or watermills after another, it needs just to accelerate to the proportion of the water of who much weight it is pressed by it’s original water. It’s like water is the electrode pressing other electrodes.
Did you know with the light of the moon you could make a laterna where you could make light in the streets if you just used right types of lenses?

With one laser you could light up all the streets but you will have to protect the light from being not thrown into the eyes of the people. With right lenses and magnification you could laser up very much and it does not cost more even than a led.

One day it will be no more oil no more medicine, so who makes the medicine? Well, we need the medicine of tomorrow, means what you will find at the end of the road, it can be treated as a medicine for cold.
So you will have to get paper since the printer will not have more what it should have. Then you can blame the basic man creating something that couldn’t be refilled. He wanted you to buy a cartridge to fill it up with all the cost to produce that as well.
And then you will need to make a pencil which can be made out of carved wood. That’s why it’s hard to make. But easy made, and you don’t need to wait for the wood to come from South America. Since they will never sell it to you.
Maybe Blaise Pascal did make a good division out of numbers? Well since when your calculator makes a finding through multiplying the number of your divided answer? It takes your calculator zero worth. Since 2.02 / 1.01 is not 2! And when you want to take away one whole? 2.02 you still want to take away 0.01 of the whole, so the answer to that then lies like this:
2.02 / 1.01 = 2.02 – 2.02 – 0.0202 = 1.9998
That is because 2 of 2 people want 0.02 part as well, and 1 of 1 people still want 0.01 part as well. So you have to share that likewise. So 2 parts get less and 1 part get more. that is like taking away more parts from 2 and giving less to 1.

Did you know the day isn’t as it should have been? When the day is the day, it is longer and when the night is the night it is longer? Or different proportion out of the day and the night? Think for yourself. So 100% south in Oslofjord is 12:00 o clock at 100% south.

With Archimedes experiments why did titanic sink? Yet because the water around was more like it is not today. IT was without sea salt. And then the ship was longer down. IF they emptied the ship the ship would not sink in total? No, it was most probably since the devaluated the ship into being sinkable. Since after production it was sinkable.
But through Archimedes experiments, if the baseball rockets were longer and thinner the hit would go 2 times home run.

Eratosthenes did not measure the world right. It should by his rules been much more longer, or shorter? it should been 785 / 7,14285285285285 “285” eternal * 360
Means the world is growing each day. Since today it’s bigger? since each second it is getting 0.00000001 bigger? How big is it today? when he measured that just 1700 years ago?

How can you measure 7//1/7? that is the tip of the day. When the sun is in two directions of opposite from the longest altitude at the center pointing 785 kilometers out of the middle when that is 785 from the middle. Means it should be today 7.137857857857 “785” 785 eternal. Then we talking about eternal power in our time.
he said at his time that the earth was 39564km long at the year 300 after Christ.

Now today they say it is longer than 40000km. And it is how they measured the right meter 1 millionth of the forthy of that. But today it’s nearly 1 cm to long on some meter meters. Watch what you have your hands with! The meter is just when the water is in a cylinder of right measure around. So you can measure 1 meter long at right measurement if it’s specific of one special measurement at ground zero of water. And it should be by the first measurements.

Did you know that the longer down you get into the earth the more iron you find if it’s more above?
That is why Gilbert with magnetism and his discoveries were telling. But he was almost right where he was. Then a change came to the newer types of discoveries. They were all hidden with their discoveries as the opposite.

These were Galilei. telling us that acceleration is constant. Yes in the space it is. But not on our planet. The acceleration can be divided upon using the specific Shang heng seismoscope. Since it isn’t available at resonance peak which is different from day to night. The acceleration is different from time to time. Since even the gravitation on our earth is not constant. And it differs upon heating and cold.
The difference is microscopic upon if the thing is bigger or smaller. But in the length, a smaller thing will use the smaller time to fall. Since it is smaller to prevent the anti-gravity. and the bigger the thing is the longer it will take for it to fall, in space though as well. But on our planet, the smaller thing will use even time specific of being at a shorter time to fall.

You might all have thought the opposite as Galileo. But in the end, he hated that so he made us all basic, to think not the opposite. he was the utilitarian magician to fool our planet upon his thoughts that things would fall or fall upon us. Or was that from a smaller child’s deep thoughts that that was taken out from and Galilei never existed?
And we all were created in the desert in some closer time before? There were no trees from shorter than 1800. And did we live our time before that?

The acceleration upon sunlight? Well, it is constant. But if you put it through a prism the light will start to accelerate again. Meaning it will try to hit a new faster position upon it is. A thing as light well. It can use longer time to accelerate to the full after being already cut down to minimal. So light can be fully trying to accelerate and accelerate and hopefully hit a higher level than possible to measure? Means maybe all the stars can talk to us in morse code? But no one is trying to follow up on the color changes? Maybe they send us colorful meaningful messages when we connect to the colorful transfer of data?

Well, it began then after then, the basic came to life. We didn’t want to think different or do differently. We stayed in being possessed doing nothing. And then pretending we did differently. Until the relativeness hits our face. We just deem us self in what others do. We do not change or want to change. But we should change daily. And with power, we should do that.

Then it was me when I did see the devils path in our life, it started in 2001 and 2003 and 2005 and 2007 and then again in 2012, he came back and back until he died. Since then we pleasure our self with what he made and made us not think for others how we should. Try not to think of others as bad. Take them as dreamers and possibilities will come. Come to yourself and others. Their thoughts to you are for the better. But are you willing to listen?

No, as basic you abide they are different or worse than you are. You stick to being offensive to thoughts or others. MAking yourself an enemy or worse. Give others the chance to create or make your life the better. unless it will put a curse on those who seek their dreams and make big money sacks out of.

Realize it is our time. Who do you wanna be? or do not wanna be? well if you give 10.000 grand to your friend or take his belonging and want more? Where does that hit us? Or you pressure him or her to do filth on another day. Or even buy the pleasure for small money. Since basic buy shit. And buy that and that making others complain about that.

When we talk about how the anti-gravity machine could be made? Well, we have to dig really dig down to the bottom of the earth. ANd then we will find iron magnets which in force can turn the ship flying up to heaven. If we only did foresee that. Well, it can’t easily be made that way. But when you cut a magnet in the middle it will fly up or down?
Now fly up to don’t be that one is basic. The more basic you will fly when the poles change the tide. And then you will fly away, while most keep their heads down, or grab a tree.

Where shall we fly? Well to the acknowledgment of some few, make that music a move make that concert a true. Make others come with possibilities there are more to show. And we have around 9.999 times more things to make our dreams realized with. Give the people who make the money. Make the money a happening of things you want your society to be and then it will be.
Must be written on all printers? By Dealazer!
You know these days all the dirt comes out of the oil rigs? When they wash their hands they release all the oil into the sea?
And when Torricelli wants you to use quicksilver you release it into the water?
Since what is better than quicksilver? That is of course water! But water is times bigger than some quicksilver and does not always work perfectly. So you have to invent anti-pressure on water. Means you need to use the vacuum on water. I don’t have the full solution as I always said.
When you can make barometer out of the water you good! since you mostly need quicksilver.
And they often sell you the medicine with some quicksilver when the barometers blow. Since they need it to produce medicine. And more expensive it is when it is needed.
Blaise Pascal did make it wrong since a barrel will blow if you find the weakest part of the barrel even if it’s fully filled. So the pressure is equal until the weakest part goes to hell.
That we did know with the planes from France.
And once cylinder canister will never blow?
Gass will explode easier in no cylinder canister.
It will explode as soon as it can extend out of its origin into some gas.

So Boyles law is wrong as well. as is newtons laws as well. While Boyles law says that the pressure is constant. it isn’t it goes up as fast as it can until the pressure cant is apprehended. volume extends as soon the pressure can’t be handled. so in a bottle, you can increase the pressure until it’s possible. But in a can, you can’t?
Descartes had it wrongs as well! Since the rainbow will come to you when the sun is at the same range to bend the middle of the rain. Not the raindrops. aNd it is only when the fog is high enough in between the drops. Since the drops do only bend to the high altitude. I don’t fully know if I’m writing right, but it’s gods words.
but by Descartes, all window mirrors had small glasses. Which is they will use longer time to bend. So with a light, it will not be long unless the light is longer or the glass is longer. So it will go 90 degrees right. or 45 degrees left.
if the center is center it will always be center.
So a ball has 360 degrees. And when send sunshine into a drop or ball, it will bend all ways. So all see the rainbow when one sees. But who does see it best? Well, proportionally those who see it. And that is when the sunshine is from behind the rainbow. at most up to max 90 degrees. but best from 45 degrees?’
But Blaise Pascal didn’t live long only from 1623-1662. But he was from the future? Well, i can’t say different than if he got a cold that must be the black plague. Bad for him, maybe he was the source? FOr his science wasn’t wrong. Since he could not use the next 40 years to rewrite his works. prisoned by the time travelers.
So I didn’t travel through space, I went through space. And all I saw was sorrow. I tried for all years to better my days. But all I wanted was a pity release. Release out of the hospital not the tending place of psychiatry. So I could play my notes in bars. In big bars. and the bars were higher than my notes so I invented the lost song of breaking point. Hope that one helped me.
The book basic breaking point.

What I either wanted was to have a girl, a girl who would tend me, who could be together with me in the hard days. Who could sing with me on my journey? she and I as a king and queen. Eternity was one sacred promise I could make. so I named her the marry. Marry me so we can always be together. I don’t want an easy way, I wanted the hard way. so I wanted to get my germs away from myself so no one could affect me being in possession of a girl. I tried to be immune. but the pornographic just went on and on bad for me. so I decided to never watch. but then again her rose perfume wanted me more. I hate roses perfumes. they stink like shit, yeah they make germs come out. but that is the good thing. the bad is how it all went in across where I never was caught handed on my dick. Never got handed. Second hand I use but it’s not the right one.
so who was he? Well as I always told the traveler of space and time. Did see Shakespeare change his thoughts and carved stone lose their value. Until he closed the book of past. and captured satan so no one could travel back and forth. Then he was diamond and went to the planet of the apes. one headed he killed nearly the whole dog planet. But the whole cat planet. And then the apes are at us now. Handling with analog systems. So we have to warn them that the dogs are at their place now and they have to get back. But the diamond head? who Ronald Reagan. Well possibly if Simpsons was right the Futurama must be right. Especially about presidents. Who do you vote next time? A Robot or a diamond vase.

The diamond is all living but the fourth time it would be a good president? Well for me does not matter, but he is the government? Well, when Jesus gave the bottle of never thirst or be immortal who got it. don’t put my life into the test. I already ate my thumb. So I’m not immortal. But if I were I could be.
The dog race is about to take out the day. Who is aware of is.
So check out Dealazer at hearthis.at/dealazer

Or check the Spotify to the iTunes. Also tidal is good. But beware wolfs of bad quality as SoundCloud and youtube. These I wanted to take down. Maybe I will. The rest on hearthis is the best quality. And the new released.

I worked each day. Day in day out. And tweaked and updated each day all my songs for more than 2000 days. 2000 days of surrender. In the pitty of psychiatry.

So remember to do good.
Try not to pressure others do not have rights without lawful good writing on that.
As well don’t do injustice. Let people with official good power to do justice and righteousness!
And bipolar is healed All!
Don’t eat meat and bread. Only salads and avoid sugar!
And bipolar heals with cysteine, lysine, Cartinine, and lecithin. Even Schizophrenia.
I believe that aluminum is healable for cancer. But I’m not sure. I tried to smoke that with cigarette had to take hard breaths and it killed all my cancer. Maybe I have a tumor now, or don’t even remember anything what I even told to myself. maybe the diet of no nothing worked against cancer.
Since cancer dies when the immune system does not want to fight germs as mushroom, parasites, bacteria, and virus.
I had HPV virus on my penis. but I killed it with soap.

I had a problem with my schizophrenia but I treated it with knowledge. And I don’t have contingent behavior any more so I’m not any more violent. Since all conversation end in no fight or beating. I can tho be hardly psychologic and put you to sleep or something. But hardly beating you up or anyone.
So for 3 years I’ve been only dreaming of freedom. And my own home place in mjøndalen. So I could take the position of being a coach. But before the Ernie and pondus earn the place in society.

Since you know drugs and that I don’t use. That is why I’m so productive. That way I don’t need to drug my life away. But sometimes I need. You know why? because the medicine they give me can give me lonesomeness in the brutal cage. And cage a man make him cage the drugs for himself. let him be free and never see.

Area 51!
when you make the life a beauty you print out the things of dirty.

Still, it isn’t what we should have told, but more and more realize it wasn’t heavy enough.

Still, we strive for the best, oppose the rest.

Time is flying but we fight the beauty.

Taking it for granted we bully them in. Mentally locked up, without giving them a chance.

Some would make a lie, some would make time fly. but most already are at that stage to change things to the beauty. You know who. They who don’t tell lies. Those who do should be locked up are liars.

Who does not tell a lie? Is those who seek an honest lie to be told. Newton, Torricelli and Blaise Pascal all from future lived over 80 years? why? Pascal 40 years. First 80? Things change!

We are the prisoners. They keep us here because they don’t want to know psychology.

Their games are dips and chips mips.

They game to punish us with their games!

They keep us here in dungeons of prisons.
Take our dreams and use it for theirs!

If you don’t release one of us who are chosen to be released. All plans will fail. Until then your plans will diminish.
You will be the blame. You are the blame until then!.

You have to change, yourself too the other way.
The society where millions are to blame.
You have to make sure they fill up these dungeons where they are. the real who should be punished. The 15.000 soldiers in Yemen caught using guns on others. The old iSis!

They should be welcomed the next hours. Or less there will be sanctions bigger than they are, and we are hoping this will go smooth. welcomed to their new prisons with hopes and dreams to achieve. Now they need to work.

Means those who want place should get a place. Means that the doors are open. For people to leave or go, or stay as being the psychologist or treater at this or these places.
The sanctions are as following:
some dead each hour. The children last or dead as waste as their children will be dead. Not others. MEans unless they don’t release this there will be more sanctions. But at last all of you are dead, and we are then together only those who should live at last.
Means your chances are diminishing. Don’t blame me, blame God.

God made it truly possible, why not see this as possible? when it is! He chooses the choices for ya all. Be or be not.
Don’t do or do. bE or be not. allow or never allow, then never more allow to disallow.

Release the prisoners or face death on mars!
Thanks, Dealazer!


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