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Short Book of Storytelling – Back to the Future 2155


It is a tale, but its small, not just a big one.

In 2012 this picture occurred on youtube from future 2016.:

You might think about what happened back then in their time of 2016.

There were many prominent politicians. As well as the guy in the center of the picture. To be providing your information. This guy is a friend of mine. He is a political prisoner in the Norwegian psychiatric system.

From time to time, I did hear them mention the people there in the psychiatric ward as more likely prisoners. Their prisoners. They are prisoners. Since they could be good politicians. But that’s an unfortunate situation since they take away dreams with the anti-psychotics. And foolishly heal people because they want them to be treated. And the only best thing to help is the food that should be eaten without contaminated meat or water.


You might not know what the actual time travel program did to that future. It went into Big Bang, as they traveled out of that then their future. It then eventually ended with this time, where such problems occur in different versions and ways, and proportions.


But when that was their future, it was to such an extent to know full of life, more joy to the people, like more Circus events in their time of being.

You might wonder what happened. But it anyway went to the point of the time travel program was fully operational.


In our precious time, there is still this threat to the time travel program. Let us hope God will allow us to prevent that, or it already been done.

So, when they traveled back to our time from their time. They had with them self-computers of different proportions. Some of which are also available to your self as to get. Perhaps old types of Acer computers even with 1.st generation processors. These had their setting in their networks to disable the processor for about 90% of its real power.


It was also that to believe it had 7th Generation Graphic Cards Nvidia on the systems. Today’s graphics cards were to process only Bitcoin. And were removed the options that were real VR or better quality feel of the graphics. That went off with the Voodoo 4. And it was a big lawsuit in 2000 for that.


In today’s society, we have plenty of these supercomputers. But we are not aware of the specialty of them.


Some of the systems we see today are being either disabled or over-run by different proportions of these computers.


Like perhaps you would load “Gandalf Windows 8 Pe” on the USB drive. The boot.wim and install.wim would be replaced as soon as you boot it up.

But again, when that happens, things start to be frankly blocked. You might give risk to your computer to deny further boot up with USB.

And then some point of where I was working on certain things. My belief was RAM to have the available capacity for up to 16TB. That is why Bill Gates thought 640kb was enough. And even Atari had their floppy drives up to 32mb by the use of 720kb.


But when different systems are to be believed never to come back to normal tendencies. The government as well initiated the PEX system. That is the system behind HEX. That is as well a system behind the operation. This means that small code in the Unicode can override a Linux.


Next time you perhaps don’t write your Linux by copy & paste of the source code. That is sometimes not easy to find out. But you see it with specific PGP codes. These also have backspace codes. So 4000kb code. It can only then show 2000kb code. Check your computer when it says it is 500kb, and space is used 512kb. Check that on TOS 4. That is why Falcon Atari has been hacked off the system. And all the atari’s out now are fake, and they earn big money off that. The original Atari had 88880 processor. And its name was Atari twelve hundred.


The things about this system are as well traceable on different types of programming to the registry in Windows.


The actual then, when you start, that computer booted up with some battery pins removed. You can eventually boot up a different Windows 7 installation based on the use of FN+Esc, but as well, then you will have the capability to install a system which in that proportion can safely copy your whole 225gb drive onto a DVD. In that means you enabled the Shadow Copy system in Windows 7. Trying to turn off the computer while the process is initiated will end in Blue Screen that turns off when the process is done.

The test can be performed with junk loaded to the hard drive. And as well then wiped out, and being eventually come back after a secure backup process initiated.


I don’t think that it has to do something with the EMS system being installed through the computer. But it is initiated while you have as well replaced the bios with more current types older. And as well hard to get. But when you launch the system, most likely a very long process for the windows seven loading process of the icon to occur while booted upon install.


The other facts about the future space travel program might be well focused on the Trance music that occurred nearly more likely in the years before 2000. These tracks were well done, in a matter of that, they should have been made in proportions of the system hardware music. These tracks were more sophisticated. And during that time, there was no program to make tracks based on their digital way. There were no types of automated applications. But Fruityloops was already done at the beginning of 2000, with proportions where artists could make their music a position of digital art.


Even the thing about trance, it was so long for a long time played live. Much of which extent no-one could make a logical collection of the tracks played at places like Digitally Imported. Many paths could be believed to be made under such progress of being from a distant future or time. Many radios played ongoing good tracks for years after 1996. In 1996 the Hardcore types of Techno went out. And already in the year 1999. There was an overload of all music in the system to that extent.


When we come to our time and our belief in our time, certain things happened from time to time. Even the American Space program had certain levels of different proportions no one ever could imagine. A space vessel was at that time around 1969+ stolen by a man or a person most likely to be thrown in the belief of a tentacle of a master; his powers were enormous. He, as well most likely, was a giant diamond man.


Much of this is my own belief that I got when my head was around 41 degrees with high fever being at a hospital in mid-2017.


At that point, I had a strange view that I couldn’t easily explain, detail of what would come and what will happen, what might be in the future we live in, in short of a matter of time unless changes are done otherwise. The vision of the future I had back then was from a lamp in the room I had in the hospital. I did take a picture of it, but it was to the wrong camera to be able to hit the jackpot.

Then after the vision, which I looked for more than 12 hours. Voices in my head speak a different proportion as if it was a procedure to act towards the progress to maintain specific peace agreement as well to make peace with their own beliefs.


What I did see, was a clear man, looking like a man who was displayed by Tidy in their one of the strangest concerts:

When thinking back to that story that day… I had a belief that through all my years of adventure to find the truths of life. That specific person, even from the depth of the past when Jesus still was alive. I had got some potion. That was written in the bible as a potion to give eternal life. It happened tho, but he who got that. Was as well at some point living eternally since that time. In proper means, it was given around a well as told in the Job chapter in the bible.


But again, when that happened, things went different, and after years, he may have been all the writers or even painters of the world. He who lived eternally since Jesus. Maybe he changed his mind.


But the plan was to take the Dog race to attack Cat race. Then the big idea was to overthrow the Ape race. Then so that the Ape race was heading towards us. Maybe to fight against us. But the Dog race is on it’s way to the Ape race. And that is something that can bother us. So we will fight against the Apes. Since the planet of the Apes is around us in the universe.

So let’s give it a short introduction to a movie scene:

There were no aliens!
But there was a dog race
And a cat race
And the dog race had their diamond headed ruler.
The dogs destroyed the cat race!
The ape race had the same diamond ruler.

Chaos Master, who planned to send analog ape race at us!

While dogs aimed at apes planet!

Communicate with the apes?

Then send back the apes?

Lasers against advanced projectiles

The understanding of what Chaos Master did to the universe! Fighting away races!

People from the future of 2155 came to warn us about the case…

The story will be about Chaos Master who played a game against our mind, and beliefs
making us not believe in the truth…
Where the people perform satanic rituals.

And only one man was there to save them all… Telling what would happen…
What to do and to change the future by accepting that the Apes would communicate and not open fire of their laser,  against the people. Then they would travel back to defend themselves against the dogs.


Then with the power they could with as well true love, understand that they were as well demonized by Chaos Master who did live since the time of Jesus and was the only one to be known for all adventures of paintings and discoveries and all laws and positions of life to rule it against by that people didn’t learn the opposite of the actual truth.


So you might wanna know more about this tale about the dog and the cat race?



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