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Dealazer produces super strange music, here you will find the latest music by him! Some cool mints of course! At this player on the site. Somehow slow reload for next playable track.

Dealazer produced since 2006 many different tracks and since then he really wanted music to sound best as possible with its unique touch.

Dealazer has done different achievements in music more strange type of ambient techno to trance productions. Lately he is singing his own songs for different tracks, and has released already several albums and intend to do procedure to extend the quality as it is possible on all his tracks, and has been done through updating Spotify with latest quality of these tracks.

Tweaking all sounds to unique experience. Dealazer mostly did not use anything that could be told as easy made sound, he even doesn’t use the same plugins as many producers do, and he strictly creates sound with weeks of tweaking with especially a plugin called Sytrus. He also makes each sound to perfection. Using less of tools that producers most often use that is really easy to figure out it’s origin. Most of the tracks he has been working with are chill and have very special monolized setting, with less use of effects and stuff that can be hard and disatvantage to the production. So very much of his tracks are very basic in the mean of each genre he has been working on.

All tracks have a special finish and have plain good sound on most units, so seldom a track sounds weird. Mastering is his specialty and he really does his best to maintain that level. Even no resonance is heard in all of his tracks, and bass levels are just wonder good and even so super cool that most musicians would just wanna taste the same system he uses. Dealazer has also been a big producer help to many artists and own the group called FL Studio Classroom on Facebook with 5000 followers. “Join in if you want different sound production level”.

You might find many different tracks through all his years of working, and many of them are even so cool you wouldn’t find anything as special as these tracks anywhere else. You might just wanna buy some few of these collectibles so you really could do something cool off with them, playing on your own home stereo, or you might as well be a company looking for a special sound to app or movie. Anything is there on the internet already.

Dealazer has resigned using Soundcloud. They stopped his followers at 2190 for 5 years. Even he got proof of new follower each week.

If you follow Dealazer he surely delivers difference, there are different links to some of his social accounts as well.

A fan once told that Dealazer creates post-punk Electronica, it might be as usual that genre.

Enjoy Dealazer music! Send inquiry to , Send for remastering your track.

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