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Wonder Trance – The Collection


This is the biggest collection of the genre: Wonder Trance.

In this genre most of my track was arranged with special type of arrangement, while using different setup of drumkit, the kit was specially set to drive the track with break step at the beginning while the pads or strokes of sound were placed in the beginning of the track with up to 2 different notes playing at the same time. These tracks also had a melody that played with the same key at the beginning. Also, the use of arpeggiator sound was probably something that was used in the breaks of these tracks.

The progression is widely needed in these tracks since it has to deal with a nice feel for the listener. There might sometimes come handy loops in the tracks but these were mainly created by use of single shots. Since originality is known to be a supreme act of producers.

So if you would like to listen to these tracks, then you are free to go, since I love them myself.


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