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Willy Mix – Great EDM filled track, with cooly bassy feel


A very special feel to this track, with unique feel of basses, and a very great feeling at a very high effect. Used in this track a lot of time working on the same feel that Willy made in when I was locked up in psychiatric, while filling it up with different feels and great work. The actual first line in the track was made by Willy, and after then Alan went into it with a different touch to maximize the feel of the notes and arrangement. As well with Dj 5ive.

Together we clearly made a track that possibly needs the most of the needed, a great vocalist, so if you know of a few, just remember to share this track to your facebook or twitter. Anyway it has mostly anything of it great, with the hard touching kick that is a unique identity to most of my tracks. With also the unique work with the plugin Sytrus, this was probably something to create music with… Enjoy!

If you are a vocalist remember to tune in and send your vocals as link to:


All the vocals need are clear background, and using your Iphone gives you solid quality!



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