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The cure to Schizophrenia


To cure Schizophrenia isn’t simple. But in fact, it’s an immunology toxic disease. While the brains immune system has overreacted by being too activated.

To clearly heal Schizophrenia you need to counteract to this science Karolinska Institute has been for years studying. And it’s not simple. Like perhaps for few is to smoke weed with anti-bacterial and fungus properties. But in the long run, it would not give optimal treatment as even anti-biotics do.

So to counteract you have to have a strict diet with clean water. And even not eating meat as especially swine will and can induce problem again.

To the latest discoveries made in the USA on t.gondi, it eats all B-vitamins in your body to help itself on surviving in your brain or body.

Likewise e.coli in brain and ingestion congestion will cause inflammation in the brain.

Candida itself creates toxins which react to immune system instability. And makes you eat bread and sugar more and more.

To all then viruses like HPV will thrive for the better in your body which from where seek the better warmer areas in the body and can to some as well stay in the brain causing inflammation with dopamine system. Which lead to psychosis.

Bed bugs and worms around your bead aren’t the best welcomes to this. As well showering to little and attaining problems likewise of the worse.

To healthier the body you need is to reduce interleukins, these are the immune system substances that cause irritation to the dopamine system.

To actually reduce these levels to a lower value to reinstate body functionality to reset body to heal and eradicate intrusion. You can use Aspirin or Ibuprofen. But it’s not the only thing to do. For long your diet needs to be strict. But for happening you can heal eczema or even cancer by being concerned about what you eat. And especially reducing the toxic Candida. To clearly start this is by reducing levels of sugar and eating bread. If you need something to eat, eat light kn√¶ckebrod. Or even white bread without the even shorter cause too grain poisoning. Which causes congestion for many.

Congestion can cause bacteria as e.coli to thrive. But in fact, causes more sleeping for many.

To increase levels of vitamins in your body you need to eat salad and stop taking any types of vitamins from the doctor because they will never increase in levels since synthetic vitamins never increase vitamin levels in your body. You should even drink cod liver oil with higher levels to maintain right D-vitamin levels. But for vitamins, you need to think of what to eat. Since the closest to best food is either spinach and banana peels.

Banana peels replenish what the intrusion eat. Like magnesium and high level D-vitamins.

Too what more other needed ingredients you will get from banana peels to what the intrusion can eat. And depression will go away and you will even get better ED solution.

But to have normal levels you need to stop eating junk food. And not any type of meat in high levels. But for fish food, you can avoid contamination. Especially e.coli. Did you know either the cow or the swine are rotting in the slaughter for up to more than 24 hours. And they are killed in serial to be swallowed up by greasy bacteria and worms. Where e.coli trieve.

To the laster, increasing by eating Lecithin will create less congestion in your stomach. It is recommended by me to eat especially when Schizophrenic and with sleep alot problems.

To increase chances to reduce interleukins. You can choose to eat Aspirin or Ibuprofen. But proteins that are to reduce these levels as well are called L-lyseine, L-cartinine and Cysteine.

To increase a better and the best solution to irradiate the infection in the body is to have a supervision on taking grounded Chalcopyrite. It contains copper to reduce infection in the body. As well as iron which has no oxidation or is not rusty. Means you replenish your iron with new iron which is more energetic for your immune system. As well as maintaining well balance for the immune system.

Maybe Schizophrenia was just a disease of rusty iron in your body? Or to low level copper. Remember to high levels of copper isn’t good as well and can cause severe poisoning.

Remember to take your original daily medication. But with a doctor, you can reduce it to a lower value for a better life. If you follow more of these steps in this how to cure Schizophrenia.

You will become more limitless as the more the Schizophrenia is gone. And doctors can sometimes give you higher doses of medication since they don’t know what hell’s going on and they can think you are on dope all the time.

So what would be a treatment facility in the future? Behavioral specialists and good salads and good luck in the morning.

As soon as a Schizophrenic is healthy his drug abuse diminishes. And from the time his bad behaviour reduces. Just give them time to their most beloved things as computer and friendship. Maybe there will be activities as well as training to reduce as well fat which is important for Schizophrenia disease to not furthermore keep making problems.

Recommended food:

Tomatoes, Spinach, Garlic, Onion, Cheese and Sour milk. Kaviar. Fish but not salmon. Butter not margarin. Milk. Eggs. Oils like virgin oil.

It’s recommended to never drink orange juice. Drinking apple juice will reduce your overall breath issues and eating an apple is recommended.

Why never drink orange juice? It keeps your body acidic. Means bacteria and other infections even cancer will trieve in your body.

Did you know you can at some point heal your HIV if you are strict with eating and if you increase body normal levels and increase copper values and heal iron levels maybe the body will heal itself? I myself had cancer. But had it erradicated.


The only source used is the Karolinska Institute on interleukins.

Chalcopyrite, banana and proteins remain a science done by me.


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