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The cure to Schizophrenia


To cure Schizophrenia isn’t simple. But in fact, it’s an immunology toxic disease. While the brains immune system has overreacted by being too activated.

To clearly heal Schizophrenia you need to counteract to this science Karolinska Institute has been for years studying. And it’s not simple. Like perhaps for few is to smoke weed with anti-bacterial and fungus properties. But in the long run, it would not give optimal treatment as even anti-biotics do.
Since your illness will come back after eating something with parasites or even fungus. Or easily drinking water which for long has not been run through the spring.

So to counteract you have to have a strict diet with clean water. And even not eating meat as especially swine meat will and can induce problem again.

To the latest discoveries made in the USA on t.gondi, it eats all B-vitamins in your body to help itself on surviving in your brain or body its because it creates a sphere of protection against the immune system in affected people, some do need b-vitamins to reduce risk of birth problems but it’s not always the immune system does understand this  and the increased value of b-vitamins suit well for t.gondii which in fact create a level of certain immune toxic behavior for the body.  Read about toxoplasmosis research: 
But that isn’t the mere realness to its subject of illness. There are several other facts about why Schizophrenia is induced. And some relate to the blood-brain barrier being destroyed by drugs or certain medicines. As in fact, Zyprexa might as well cause, but there is no real study on that, somehow we should have monitored 1000 mouses and see if they induce certain disability by eating as well meat and contaminated water through certain months. And I really would be liking to see the study on Zyprexa on mouses. Since I believe truly it has caused illness for most of the Schizophrenia. Since it’s the first use medicine and it truly is complicated to cause illness on many it’s patients for years.
Likewise e.coli in brain and ingestion congestion will cause inflammation in the brain by immune system activation of the brain. And for years they’ve been giving Malaria to certain people with Schizophrenia and there was a book describing it’s properties that Malaria was used to heal Schizophrenia. Due to certain levels of sickness, some people might describe Schizophrenia being active with certain levels of sickness while having a flu infection. But for having onset Schizophrenia you most likely would have opposite affection.

Candida itself creates toxins which react to immune system instability. And makes you eat bread and sugar more and more, therefore it as well can interact by activating the immune system in the brain. But what is the real cause to Schizophrenia is by my belief it already starts in the mouth of your mouth. And there is the main cause of the illness getting turned on.
I’ve myself have been 100% healthy from Schizophrenia, that’s why I, in fact, write all about this in the discoveries I’ve been making on how the disease in actual might have been reacted upon.

To all then viruses like HPV will thrive for the better in your body which from were seek the better warmer areas in the body and can to some as well stay in the brain causing inflammation with the dopamine system. Which lead to psychosis. And Karolinska Institute has been for years been telling us that the dopamine system is irritated by immune system substances like Interleukin-1-beta and Interleukin 6.

When these substances enter the brain system it is merely the cause of confusion. And confusion is by Hegel described being psychosis, while the loss of sin and temperament of madness is clearly the loss of control being madness or being mad.

Bed bugs and worms around your bead aren’t the best welcomes to this. As well as taking a bath too little and attaining problems likewise of the worse, since the more illness you have around your body, the higher the probability of activation in your brain so much forward be assumpted to have. As your clean body will, in fact, introduce a lower level of activation of the brain immune system. It’s, therefore, a good idea to shower at least necessary.

To actually reduce interleukin levels to a lower value to reinstate body functionality to reset the body to heal and eradicate intrusion. You can use Aspirin or Ibuprofen which will reduce the capability of the interleukins which in fact are inflammation by its term of use. And inflammation might be reduced by both types of medicine, and the reduction will for some clearly have a better reduction in mania or psychosis by its term of use. For some, it will reduce the level of psychosis in terms whether one person is unstable being not logically calm and are to aroused by certain problems and have instability in motoric movement.

But it’s not the only thing to do. For long your diet needs to be strict. But for happening you can heal eczema or even cancer by being concerned about what you eat. And especially reducing the toxic Candida. To clearly start this is by reducing levels of sugar and not eating bread. If you need something to eat, eat light knæckebrod. But the reduction to reduce Candida will in fact for most people lighten their head, as I’ve been a musician I had overgrowth with Candida, and the only solution was to smoke Cannabis to even sing. So, in that case, I drank water, and coffee and didn’t eat for 2 weeks while as well as eating concentrated garlic pills, and then on the last day, white mushroom came out of my elbow. And then I could sing the rest 5 years now without needing Cannabis. It was a mighty relief and I truly thank some internet educational means on Candida. As it truly did take away my breath and all my oxygen in the brain.

Congestion of even certain sausages and even contaminated water can cause the bacteria as e.coli to thrive. That can also be certain to affect people with activation of the brain immune system. Even with a small amount of e.coli in the body you can as well be living daily with this bacteria even in your mouth. Which can cause a certain level of immune system activation in the brain?
To increase levels of vitamins in your body you need to eat salad and stop taking any types of vitamins from the doctor because they will never increase in levels since synthetic vitamins never increase vitamin levels in your body. You should even drink cod liver oil with higher levels to maintain right D-vitamin levels. But for vitamins, you need to think of what to eat. Since the closest to best food is either spinach and banana peels.
Banana peels replenish what the intrusion eat. Like magnesium and high-level D-vitamins. Often eating banana peels might increase ED problems with men, and some might even get higher potency. But in fact, the magnesium in Banana peels often is great to reduce problems with sleep, and sleep is most important in Schizophrenia problems.
But by means of sleep, if some people with Schizophrenia have congestion and often that is a fact with most of the illness you will have to reduce the congestion, and the best ever possible treatment to congestion is truly Lecithin, and its an important feature to have as addition to the illness since it helps remove certain problems in the brain as well as having more fat in the brain which truly is helpful to understand your own mental issues, and often memory problems will be reduced as well as the most important thing it helps for is to get to the toilet, a high dose of 2400mg each day will increase the probability to have a less problem with congestion. And it helped me on daily routines.
But to have normal levels you need to stop eating junk food. And not any type of meat at high levels. But for fish food, you can avoid contamination. Especially e.coli. Did you know either the cow or the swine are rotting in the slaughter for up to more than 24 hours? And they are killed in serial to be swallowed up by greasy bacteria and worms. Where e.coli thrive. Where they do not empty the stomach after a certain time. Some sausages are made by the use of the butthole, the nose, and even the eye. But as well sometimes the whole swine goes to being sausage, even all parts of the swine are used in a sausage.
To the laster, increasing by eating Lecithin will create less congestion in your stomach. It is recommended by me to eat especially when Schizophrenic and with sleep a lot of problems. Since having congestion you will most likely sleep, and psychosis is to be higher when sleep is a problem, and you do sleep when the congestion is at it’s strongest. With Lecithin you can reduce the need for sleep in the middle of the day.

To increase chances to reduce interleukins. You can choose to eat Aspirin or Ibuprofen. But proteins that are to reduce these levels as well are called L-lysine, L-carnitine, and Cysteine. These proteins will surely reduce the levels of immune system properties in the brain. I’ve been trying these proteins, and it truly nearly turns off the immune system in the brain, as interleukins most likely are to be flushed out more quickly, and the most important proteins to do it is called Cysteine. The derivative version of Cysteine is called N-Acetyl-Cysteine and is clearly more different than Cysteine, but more powerful, somehow the use of Cysteine might cause a higher level of removing the medicine from the brain. And therefore it is by understanding the use of it that N-Acetyl-Cysteine is too powerful.

By my discovery, these proteins combined with Lecithin will heal Bipolar Disease 100%, and actually not all are trying to acknowledge med Dr. Derda about this discovery.

To some extent, we might believe as well that people with Schizophrenia disease have a certain higher level of rusty iron in their body, and to the belief, I think it has something to as well be at any certain possibility to nearly open the blood-brain barrier. And therefore there are certain means to research upon this for the future. This is just a belief I’ve been bearing on.

Remember to take your original daily medication. But with a doctor, you can reduce it to a lower value for a better life. If you follow more of these steps in this how-to cure Schizophrenia.

You will become more limitless as the more the Schizophrenia is gone. And doctors can sometimes give you higher doses of medication since they don’t know what hell’s going on and they can think you are on dope all the time.

So what would be a treatment facility in the future? Behavioral specialists with good salads and good luck in the morning.

As soon as a Schizophrenic is gone the drug abuse diminishes. And from the time bad behavior reduces. Just give them time to their most beloved things as computer and friendship. Maybe there will be activities as well as training to reduce as well fat which is important for Schizophrenia disease to not furthermore keep making problems. A higher level of fat creates an increased level of Schizophrenia, and Schizophrenia is linked as well with obesity and there is simply less Schizophrenia with fewer obesity people.

Recommended food:

Tomatoes, Spinach, Garlic, Onion, Cheese and Sour milk. Kaviar. Fish but not salmon. Butter, not margarine. Milk. Eggs. Oils like virgin oil. And certainly there are a lot of other beans and exotic food to eat from markets where foreigners are selling their food. And often the reduction of meat and bread would increase chances of less obesity to reduce as well as chances to cancer and Schizophrenia.

There are beliefs that taking baking soda or natron that will certainly increase the alkalic body and it will create a higher level of anti-properties against Candida which is cancer giving to most human bodies. And even cancer thrives with the acid body. And the higher the level of alkalic level your body is, some certain bacteria as even e.coli will not thrive in the body. So there is an assumption that you can maintain a level of healed properties and have not activated the immune system in the brain as more alkalic your body is.

The last belief is wether there is possible to use Baric pressure to kill bacteria in the body. And that in the future might be possible, thus the Baric pressure will certainly not fully work if you smoke cigarettes. And the treatment might possibly be creating fewer levels of intrusions in the body, thus then enable to turn off the immune system with Schizophrenia, but as soon as contaminated water or food is eaten it turns on the immune system activation, thus then giving an increased level of problems related to mania or even psychosis. Since the time when you get healthy and thus getting very sick, and the transformation is similar to all Zyprexa side effects as if you even got Zyprexa in your body. It’s the same specifics on all parts of your illness.

It’s recommended to never drink orange juice. Drinking apple juice will reduce your overall breath issues and eating an apple is recommended. Why never drink orange juice? It keeps your body acidic. Means bacteria and other infections even cancer will thrive in your body.
Did you know that in case of HIV or Cancer you can treat your body with smoking aluminum, they told for years that it’s poisonous but can give Alzheimer’s? Well with my formula of Proteins and the Lecithin it can even turn out to heal Alzheimer’s and it’s a strange difference that no-one knows the fact to if experimented with. I had cancer and bloody many black strange pigments on my body. And I smoked aluminum shards with smoke and just after certain week it was all gone away. It was strange since no one never would try that. But I would really be desperate as having cancer, but somehow it’s so toxic for cancer and it will kill cancer in the body. But it really hurts for the lungs first time smoking aluminum. Even certain problems I had with an itching bulb from my vaccine in my earlier years of life disappeared and was totally gone the week I smoke aluminum.
So it’s another cool discovery that for sure would be tested on mouse soon as I get more famous about this.
The last of them all in discoveries was truly the use of multiple medicines, and I have asked my doctor to increase the use of Quentiapin Depot tablets of 200mg to 100mg each forth hour, since the additional use of Trilafon (Perphenazine) Injection of 108mg/ml each third week increases the chances of turning off the immune system 90% from around four to five hours. And it, in fact, reduces the activation.

Truly by the use of both medicines. I have as well discovered that the use of Flupentixole (Fluanxol) with use of Trilafon can somehow increase the chances of turning off the immune system as well. But I haven’t fully used the medications as longer period of time together as to where the switch of medicine was started. But the need to understand that the reduction of need of having high-level medicine treatment as high doses. So my increased happiness was if someone researched by the use of multiple medicines in low dose use. Since they counteract the immune-system at certain use of multiple medicines as cocktails, but as for having a different property of treating Schizophrenia.

And with the use of Quentiapin with Trilafon you reduce the level of side-effects to the Trilafon, that’s why I was lately very happy with the changes to medical treatment. But I believe the doctor might believe in me further after reading all of this information and maybe increase the use of Quentiapin or Fluanxol.


The only source used is the Karolinska Institute on interleukins:


And source on Malaria link.

Other understanding is more scientific research and surely based on understandings and progress towards learning on many of these subjects I’ve been undertaking, and these are to be correct by its means and by means of correctness based on certain easy available sources on the internet by searching on its subjects on google.

Banana and proteins to Lecithin and aluminum are more likely my own discoveries and are not well covered on the internet about these, but might as well be informative to have their properties of use.

To the last fact, have felt on my body the realness of 100% being affected with 100% treatment to Schizophrenia that is why I cover this article under such means, and it is clear that this affected the way I wanted to cover upon this treatment.


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