Hi, you probably wonder how to run Sylenth1 on Windows 10?

Well here is a tricky but cool way to enable it in Windows 10, since you want your project to run! Just be aware you gotta download my Sytrus presets: https://www.dealazer.com/sytrus

The only possible way is to run in safe mode on Windows 10 with a network or without a network.

Thanks to Windows 10 it now has full resolution, just change that to normal.

Hold in button shift while you press restart on your start to get into safe mode from Windows 10 Normal mode, just try to move your way to settings and reboot to enable safe mode.

For that to happen you gotta download my activate sound in safe mode zip file from this forum;


To tell you the thing, you will not be able to run Sylenth1 without the demo!

From then you gotta use my Sytrus presets and tweak your own sounds or buy Sylenth1!

As you might know people with 250.000 and millions of views on youtube about sound in safe mode and have claimed it their own discovery… Pitty as it is! But now it is needy again for ya all. I made this solution back in 2006. It also works for Windows 10 still!

Soundcloud blocked/froze my account, leaving me with 2190 Followers ONLY! Even I got around 300 each year since 2012-2013.

Listen to all my tracks at and register on that page, Soundcloud is killing you as an artist!
http://hearthis.at/dealazer ; Here is one of them:

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