There are different ways you can achieve a better security on your computer.

Firstly all you need to do is to disable different services when installing windows. It happens as well when you reset or install the newest update of Windows 10.

All you need is to write services in the search option in your Windows 10.

Then run the Services Desktop App.

This is the list of these nasty types of services you can disable:

AllJoin Router Service, ActiveX installer, Remote Desktop Services UserMode Redirector, Remote Desktop Services, Superfetch, SSDP Discovery & “it’s extra service”, Shared Pc Account Manager, Remote Registry, Routing and Remote Access,  Remote Access Controller, Net Tcp Port Sharing, TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper, Workstation, Server, IP Helper, Computer Browser

If you don’t use VPN:

Remote Access Auto Connection Manager and Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol.

Some users might know they are hacked if this option turns off their internet connection even when they are not connected to any VPN. Somehow it as well turns off some different systems related to that. And you will be free as a bird.

Additional Services you can disable are:

Nvidia Services if you have Nvidia Graphic Card. AMD services if you have AMD card. If you don’t use a printer: Printer Spooler.

The Superfetch service should be disabled if you have SSD drive installed on the main drive with Windows.

Disabling these services especially Server and Workstation will reduce the sharing of your C: and D: and all drives to anyone who is auto-hacked on the SMB protocol by joining many different free networks as of example in MacDonalds, School or Hospital.

Since the auto-hack is related to different proportions, anyone will share their beloved photos or anything on their computer to any hacker at any time, if they already connect to the network.

But disabling these services will make your computer unable to connect to any Local Area Network and share perhaps a folder or pictures.


To be able to disable services – Right, Click on any services and change from Automatic to Disabled.

Another security Tip:

In windows 10 you can right-click on the connector for internet access – Open Network & Internet Settings – Then Adapter Settings – On wifi right click and open properties:

Disable everything but not QoS Packet Scheduler, IPV4 and Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol.

You can for higher security level just leave IPV4 only enabled. Both of the extra protocols are to enhance speed and reduce failures of transfer, reducing, therefore, transfer data usage.

You don’t need IPv6 yet in this internet world. It’s a special protocol most do not yet use. And can be used for hacking proportions without any reasonable tracing possibility. Hackers like IPv6.

Now on IPv4 You might want to push Properties – Going to another page, then push Advanced.:

You might want to disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP – It’s used widely by hackers at any kind of network!

You also have Firewall in windows to worry about!

It’s leaking mostly on any newly installed computer. Even if it’s enabled. It is leaking anyway, and there is no way around that.

Therefore you should Enable another Firewall controller. And know different rules that are set on your Firewall, mostly like Microsoft Xbox, office, all join, which you could disable to impose a reduced threat to your computer. And you should be familiar with your firewall at any time!

If you want true best security wall use Windows Firewall Control!:

Knowing this will reduce as well your internet usage by up to 50% or more for just a month in general usage or even more.

With WFC you will be familiar with filtering called Medium Filtering. It stops any other attempt of connecting to your computer at any time, which normal Windows firewall most likely would not.

When you are to set to change the profile while managing Windows firewall profile.

You should not disable all things in the profile. Find your own way to a solution. But the easiest thing would be to not disable these rules:

Core Networking. Some different “@Microsoft apps” These can be especially Store, Edge and even Skype.

All others can easily be disabled with no function reduction. Be aware that things like feedback, even Smartcheck of your programs would be reduced. Using Antivirus like Avast would reduce your threat to your computer at a higher rate. This is free use of their service. Remember that in order for Avast to run, you will have to put the files in the folder of Avast into WFC profile.

There is also a specific way to reduce threat where you can turn off any plausible threat while running the Remote Desktop Settings through search and disable it.

You will also have a higher risk for any threat when allowing Windows 10 to install something called SSH. This is a system that is used widely by Linux hackers for getting command line connection to your computer.


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