Scrambler for BTC

Will search in a unique page for BTC.

There are 11000+ accounts holding at least 25BTC+

But there are 10^75 at max numbers to check. That will take decade to check.
And even each page has 50 accounts.

Maybe God will unleash you a lucky number!

These addresses it will find and write to it’s own wallets.txt file if it finds anything.
There is a wallet at 2475382364619358280662120143799 with balance of 0.0 with wallet address: 1KnM5Q2h8KUu8TYRzhNYNJooHnzaTSBULc

So you can then plot in the found private key into Bitcoind or

Just remember to check the corresponding site. 2475382364619358280662120143799 at:
After you run discovery.go:  http://localhost:8085/2475382364619358280662120143799

You need Java to run this program, as well as Google go code system to run discovery.go



Change in the unique value up to if you need other random numbers to run:

It will take some time searching for right address.

It searches each 0.7 second for each account. If it is to low-value connection problems might occur.

Enjoy while it lasts!

It’s a derived code from:


Donate for downloader while you sit and watch, add multiple amounts for bigger donation:

Scrambler by Dealazer


I hope for you nobody finds a sniffer in their wallet dude. Cause your signature is all over the code.
Hehe, sniffer… Hehe, no big problem. Most idiots would had moved their coins to safer grounds.

Accounts starting with number 1 aren’t safe at all.

Those left with no clue to their account will be left alone.

That’s theft then?

It’s simple as using the private key of the account. And you got the amount.

But searching 10^75 will take decades…

And it’s not theft since all should move to safer accounts with their value. <– Important!

Somehow it is a thieft, but it will always be exploited by someone!! <– Remember!

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