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PDF of hidden information through regjeringen.no about psychiatric treatment pre 2003.




Download : Hemmelig Informasjon PDF Files!

On this site below, you get the information. But it’s highly disinformed and less of what the actual information had.


Regjeringen.no lacks a lot of information, especially about the electrodes. And it’s more full in the PDF download.

All who were in psychiatric up to the year 2003 were conducted with special types of research, and some are still in the psychiatric system. As well as the medicine is still yet available from these years and newer discoveries tell us that Schizophrenia is just immune system fault, where interleukins from immune system cause problem to the brain or dopamine system. And in such mean, I know that a cure to Schizophrenia would be to kill the shizzocock that is occupying the system onstate. To heal Schizophrenia you would need to kill the bacteria that activates the immune system:


You can now download above the full statements on the case LSD, Electrodes on Norwegian Psychiatric System;

As well know the contracts initiated on such means as even Dead man’s button. Which probably were the buttons to control people and kill them if they didn’t want to proceed with fulfilling a grant from Satan. That, in fact, would induce a possible way that Hillary would be a killing machine for the CIA and do all that they wanted her to do. If so Russia wasn’t CIA? Some books tell about the infiltration from Poland where very educated people were to be enabled to steer the world into misery. And that, of course, is the fact of today, with even the leftist types of artificial people educated to rule the world. Being a source of center education was dismantled since then in all countries and Poland was the highest education center up to the year 2000. And many CIA agents are to believed to be educated in the middle of this country. As of that, all countries suffered a mere deconstruction by fanatism since the year 1990. And above grief a vengeance world with the destruction of Godly belief. That, in fact, can be destroyed by the center of populism and most likely Poland was the root of it all.



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