Anyway here is the sourcecode for versions 2.2.4 as well and you need cuda 9.1 toolkit for compute 6.1 or higher

All compute up to 5.2 should use 7.5 cuda  for best possible compute.

The source code for the miner is available at github;

You have to compile 32bit versions if it’s not already set. 32bit versions is the fastest! Like here clicking on solution to set release 32.

Also, you need visual studio 2013 to do this. No need of Visual Studio 2015 or 2017. Try the professional 30 days trial. It will not cause problems as the free visual studio might do of install. Also to make 32bit you need Visual Studio 2013. It’s tho little faster.

Also you gotta set build customization on the ccminer, right click ccminer in solution explorer and choose build customization. Then choose you cudakit. To set it lower than 9.1 to 7.5 you need as well 9.1 if you don’t change out the code in ccminer.vxproj from 9.1 to 7.5

Then choose your compute capability to 6.1 “1050-1080” or 5.2 or 5.0 or 3.2 or 3.0 depending of your nvidia card from list:

Check the section Enabled Geforce Products.

Change out both 61 with 52 perhaps.

It will compile all with files based on this work:

Anyway you can download tpruvos sourcecode from his github:

I believe there has been fraud on tpruvots miner, so the code in api.cpp has been replaced.


All API is now off. If you have other viruses on computer recognising it, it will be turned off.


As well with new libraries for faster speed. A hidden code was in the openssl.lib file.

Download Dealazer ccminer sourceode for quick compile:


The KlausT newest miner I made with newer setup pre-compiled file for only compute 6.1 – Running a 1050 Ti at speed of 460kH/s for neoscrypt, dunno know speed of 1080 Ti and that is for neoscrypt. Around 100-150kH/s faster than original new version of KausT miner.

I will also upload the code for the miner. But in the meanwhile download both versions:

Tpruvot to KlausT Neoscrypt Optimized Miners!



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