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I want more medication low dose!

The Doctor Who Took The Kids Off Drugs
I need treatment!
Everything is cool! But I don’t and need them, with my own feelings of life with my own medicine and all, I can survive with or without. Question is what I really now need. Anything would never more happen since I use good medication, but it doesn’t give me that happened kick I need in life, then addiction comes crawling upon on me. It’s these as well, or nothing! Nothing in needs. There will happen nothing, as in face of change, but no one wants the change, so I jinx myself little more daily! But I’m totally strange but always a caring person. And there isn’t any change to come. Then I’m positive and enjoy and love all.
But take a look at the movie! If you are in Norway, friends of mine!
I’m talking about grand scale treatment all in the pink cans, and not given to kids, but enough to replenish us for 20 years. And more people don’t need it unless they really need the treatment!
They will talk to you like mental sphere of trying to inflict your mind with your soul, so they will talk straight to your hearth, if you believe from very first beginning it’s all about the chemical that will treat all people of the world, on the same, and there is no need of other things? I mean something that is for adults! And it is all of these bottles, and there are just few who will need!
All who need to stay out of drugs and poisonous systems and affected by the worst, and probably so bad. That it wouldn’t even take someone to the affliction to attack, or anything!
But it would only benefit good… I’ve been on that and that, AND I’m happy with the psychiatric drugs they give me, wished it was more! AND MORE psychiatric drugs C type, to incase increase reduction of problems related to mental illness. But it as well needs to be low dose, no side effects and please introduce what’s really inside of the pinky bottles, some people in other countries truly know what to bring to the table. Just they and I know and they…
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