I have made 2 different compilations of latest miners for crypto coins.
They can go faster somehow than other available miners. They are current latest versions.

Come back next month, with different more profound compilations with more works done to the coding of cl.h in the miner, making certain another cryptocurrency possible, as they are not in this standard issue of the release of the miner.

I make these lately under the certain progression of code and different optimization.

You can dual mine with the already made batch files Neoscrypt with Musicoin.
You can also dual mine with Decred and Musicoin.

The reduction in speed is around 3mh/s for Musicoin, when enabled dual mine.

As I’m an artist in music. Hope people would take the alternative to just run these miners on the network of my workers that are made in the batch files.

It’s up to anyone to decide tho to use these miners at their own will.

Since tpruvot have .lib files wrongly made for Cpu miner, I suggest using this version of CPU miner I provide in the zip file for download than his. Share around if you like it.

Come back around January for more optimized version:

Dealazer Mining Tools v.1.00

I always recommend privacyware firewall. It can also pinpoint for yourself the use of different programs in your Windows. Since having no power to not allow certain programs run on your computer as well your own needs to strict some programs are needed.


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