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Metric Shapes feat. LisaBe – Arepeggiator Random Note Mind-Control


This track is courageous with the extempt of soul controlled induced notes. The great feeling has come to stay with the deep feeling of wonder. I really liked to work on something mind taking, while I was experimenting on the feeling of wonder with the randomized effect of arpeggiator. The notes go in minor at a random precaution. I don’t record this as an raw output, I record while my mind thinks for me the notes that would hit, and it hits nearly 99% of what I want it to hit.

With the great vocals that were fitted originally to track Let it go by Dealazer and Absolute Fixation, it gave it another try to be heard as exceptional feeling beyond possible.

This track is unrelased, but will surely be something to add in on spotify or any other site around the globe. The dreamy feeling of this track is really heavy work of something really hard to accomplish, but I clearly did an exemption.

You might not hear same track at many different places, it’s kind of one in a wonder track as my tracks truly are one hit wonders at a certain level. Well this is something to share actually to others if you like to plunder their minds.


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