Service – Mastering FL Studio Project

I will master your project as correctly as possible. For just 20$ PayPal or Bitcoin. Money-back guarantee.

With a new kick. Ultimate ways of Parametric EQ 2. And remixed with new types of instruments that would suit your project well. You will attain your rights to the project. I will not be in the description of the track. You will have your levels set as best possible. There will be many different proportions that will be changed, and there will be new plugins that will fit the track more appropriately.

I have different plugins as well as create my own presets to your project to gain unique value. If you use Nexus, these presets will be made with Sytrus to overcome the overuse by its means and will sound more specific of novel and more vibrant and have a better feel.

The kick will be custom made. As well as mastering proportions will stay in more mainstream quality means. You will get more specific sidechain to your kick and bass that will play more beautiful and with a less muddiness feel.

Send a project to

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Service – Mastering FL Studio Project

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