Disclaimer: The script that you use for any group is very outdated so you might face difficulty using this procedure, even if it should work, though there is a need to update to the latest version of the script, and this procedure might be problematic enough.

You need Notepad++ to edit HTML with parsing your facebook id’s and how to enable it to protect removal of a group of 30.000 or 10.000 members of the most active members in the group, as reduce it to a level of 5000 members to open it as a public group if your group is secret or private. There would be eventually removal of just the people of the group which indeed only are not active. And some randomness in removal will be initiated.

Remember when you save your page while browsed down and scrolled down, delete all before and after content between markers: contentArea and bottomContent in the Notepad editor, just find the names and delete before and after.

After you parse out the whole HTML and get member_id=(ID) you will most likely then be able to withdraw all numbers of the HTML you saved before the start. You will have to browse down on the group as for long you are wanting to keep most of the members. So after a decided proposition, you will get a list of these ids in the whole group. Some of them come of your messenger and aren’t important, but you can somehow remove messenger listings at most likely the bottom of the HTML file. But you aren’t needed to do that. Most likely they are your friends in the group already.

You will have to use the regular expression in the settings of Notepad++ at search mode to be able to remove widely enough to have the process enabled.

Some members id= can consist of numbers even as low as 2, but we have here used it to the minimum level of 2 numbers. Some old accounts still have old ID numbers and often they can begin from very low value.

There might be as well user ID’s of higher value than 30 in the future. But I believe there are just around 18 numbers at maximum now. Since all systems have their unique ID even pages groups and posts.

Find What:


Replace with:


Remember to use Regular expression and especially the option: . matches newline!

It might take a while and your processor will process the file if your HTML is around 10mb then it can take a while for the process to finish and it can take nearly 10 minutes for the process to finish.

After this process remove all xF0 in the file from the beginning if you find any, there is additional process need to remove singularly these texts after all lines been created after the next process down here. There is no super option to remove them. It takes just one to two minutes by just 1000 lines and there is some occurrence of these weird signs. You use delete or backspace.

In order to continue on the next step, use Extended Mode:

Find what:


Replace with:


Now you will have to remove all duplicate lines, this process is needed through that webspace unless there is a different process you might need to learn on yourself:

Now you have all user ID’s in singular lines.

When you have your list done. You can easily then use a duplicate scan on the internet for this process to remove duplicate ID’s, use this below link to a duplicate remover:

After this process write one ‘ to the beginning:

Then run this process with “normal mode”:

Find what:


Replace with:


Now, remember one ‘ at the end and beginning of the text!

Copy then if your ID is at the beginning of the line, like perhaps ‘125452353’ you first have to remove the ID from the list and place it at beginning. Find the ID first so you don’t have a duplicate.
Know your facebook ID:

To be more secure remember to set your ID and your admin’s ID’s at first row.

Remember then to copy out the whole line and replace it within the [] code in the java code below, and just run it when you have down’ed the page of all members. Scroll more at the end of the list.

var excludedFbIds = [1234,11223344]; // make sure each id is a string!


How to parse Facebook user ID’s of a group to not remove active group members

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