Ok yeah!
First, I ask you to get your Twitter pushing on.
Means you need at least three accounts
First, you download something called Firefox portable:

Make the extract of the folder and copy three copies of Firefox portable to your desktop in 3 different name folders. And then delete the link in the first folder, then go into firefox and copy the .exe and make shortcuts where the first shortcut isn’t working. As perhaps in the folder before all files.
Each folder needs to be unique but copies as of 3.
Then once you have that, you download first something called: Fix my Twitter as an extension in each of the firefoxes.
And as well auto-scroll down that can be used later.
Both downloads:
You will need to create individual accounts with the fix my Twitter extensions you get with each of the firefoxes by their extensions for Firefox in firefox. Since new Twitter can create bad Twitter usernames.
You will need to use something called name generator on the internet to find a catchy name
Unless you don’t have
Then first you make your artist name account
Secondly, a name from the generation of names. Choose the ( ) made name if it’s available.
Then last as you might think a cool brand name. Check the domain “.com” but get something cool as Casio, Tinder, Gucci and form your most right name. You will need it later time when you make a firm or other establishments on your own.
So perhaps you then have three accounts
Next would then be to find accounts from a specific country or probably what you want to follow
Go into each of the people and click on their followers
And add from 4 accounts around 100 from each
You will only be able to follow 400 each day
But you do that each day for one week and then get around 1000 followers
That is a cool number if you perhaps want to promote anything
But in the course of adding followers, you will at least have 10.000 followers on each of the accounts by this year-end.
So then, by utilizing this proposition, you will need to auto-scroll down who you follow as soon you follow perhaps 2000 people as that is limit for starter accounts. So you de-follow all who don’t follow you up to 400 latest you follow.
People will take the time to follow you, but it isn’t hard. Sometimes you have to wait for them to follow you. So don’t unfollow to early
By this, you will grow your twitter. And twitter is the ultimate site to drive traffic to your music or your own websites.
Try not to retweet specific posts “spam” and lousy content. Often people do retweet and use their time to fall upon scams and spams. So all you need to do is to reduce the level of what you should like and do.
Often following accounts with 200 followers are the best. You will learn from mistakes
Perhaps the best thing you would be doing is to post to Twitter motivational posts or quotes. So I will give you later people to follow and people to have their notifications on
As well when you do want three accounts to have each email to each of the accounts
So you will need three accounts as of Gmail.
These you do connect later to YouTube to like all your videos at least one time.
Motional videos are giving best effort of views
If you tend to make videos in the future, you need to do them in motion
Perhaps video edited
We will talk later about much of this with yours.
But get Twitter first going on.
Secondly, you might want to get more friends on Facebook like perhaps filling 3500 friends
3500 is better than 350. But not good as 5000. Since you need room for more collaborators and the real people seeking to work with you in the future.
So never fill up max friends on facebook.
What do you produce? And what do you make? How does your schedule on music-making look like?
You might want to learn quality in about some months so follow all tutorials on www.loopswag.com
By doing all the tutorials, you will attain much better accuracy in quality. And you should at least read one of the articles that are written there daily.
That isn’t easy

How to grow Twitter as an Artist?

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