Some stop about and wonder how to make a simple bass sidechain.

Most don’t even manage to come as far as stopping up in their path.

But first Master your kick; Here I just turn with the PRE option with default Maximus preset!

The Kick will gain in height on all frequencies to a measured highest possible level. You don’t need to hit the limit. But it’s even not a problematic thing to do if you hit the PRE to even Max.

Next You would like to perfomr a kick equalizing? Most hardest areas are from 80-240Hz on many kicks. Some don’t want to equalize away their frequencies than just center 224Hz. Center 224Hz is the most unpleasant frequencies of a kick and mostly anthing bass alike.

Now put another PRE on the kick! After one Eq. Since some bass frequencies above 70Hz were equalized away. That way you get a hard hitting kick.

Here you will see addtion of peak controller in the first plugin after PRE with Maximus. The curves are good. Somehow a little tweak is needed. Just few centimeters with the DECAY handle to the right. To make the peaks with faster release.

Now we all set go already made our first peak controller.

Here in this picture you see bass of the squelch sytrus preset. I set the envelope to the filter at as a saw for two bars.

That way a pin drumlike bass will be made. Cool for these spiky basses for anything to even off beat bass.

This bass is already offbeat. Means only few frequencies after the end of it will peak down for sidechain.

For a delay on a bass “some would say that’s idiotic.” If you do it right you get more hits that needs sidechain.

Can you see the difference between both pictures? The change occured after 6 bass beats.

Want answer look at the end of this page.

Here you can see i pushed the right button on Fruity Parametric EQ 2. and pushed the button link to controller so this type of thing comes into the game;


You need to change the internal controller too Peak ctrl – Peak!: Then accept it!

Then it will control this Parametric EQ 2. And remove all frequencies from 20-100Hz each time the drum hits.

Set the preset 40Hz cut and drag it to 180Hz or even just make your own frequencies to be removed.

Then you finished tutorial how to do some wicked sidechain. You can even try bouncing up with frequencies on some sounds???



I linked the kick to new channel. And muted it on insert 1 to master. So it will only play from insert 4.

That way I can set the timer of the kick to hopefully play slightly later than the actual sidechain I’ve made to the bass.

That you can only do if you have plugin time compesation not set to automatic. If you don’t know what that is have it off since most often  it will delay your vocals to even all instruments. And a track might sound good for some bad for most.

That way I when I ms the kick I don’t glue the kick with the bass. Making it comfortable to listen to a driving bass. Making you feel the bass.

So that’s how you can sidechain.


Answer to above question: 20 Hz LOW CUT was turned off. always have it off on Maximus!

Unknown for most  why it sounds bad. But it cuts the needed frequencies of even 20Hz will make. Somehow some kicks need 20Hz Cut. So most often it’s needed to have a headset for playing the levels of 20Hz if you like to monitor your sound.



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