This is one of my oldest production. Still, I just turned it with different sound today again. Somehow tried also to reduce sample use to 10.4MB file. With only FL 12.5 Plugins. Adding different mastering solution as wel to the whole track.

This is more of the whole progress of sound making, and best possible quality under the means of max possible loudness, without causing major problems. Now with the Stereo placement feature that old guys in the game and sound production might figure it out how to make similar to stereo feel. Much is at moment still unclear for most.

But this is still how to make a Wonder Trance track. It starts off with these cool pad works and goes boom into drumstep leaving into a whole step of different proportions.

Has this cool point bass as well more saw type, more of what I always wanted on my tracks from the beginning of my Trance production listening to million back in 2000. Never found the preset. I actually at the end of these days made it tweaking my dignity.

The whole track is in the genre of Wonder Trance. A very minimal solution for most, but with beautiful proportions.

If you want simpleness just blind out all my instruments and make your own notes in the same realness as this.

320Kbps Preview:

Download of project 10.4mb:

Dealazer – Back to the time of Silver

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