People often overbalance with different boosters on the master.

All you only need is 1 limiter unless you confuse yourself more.

Confusion is the biggest mistakes we make while producing music.


Most often its important to work with other things.

A Fruity Limiter on Master Channel is all we need most often.

It can confuse with other things when we try to do the mix again.

Puttin just Fruity Limiter with defaut preset is our best start!

Remember “FL Studio loads it template with Fruity Limiter on”

Maintaing the levels is our biggest quest.

Edit one sound after another, make it clear.

Then all you have to do is to boost up you track not higher than limit.

That can as example be done with GAIN on Fruity Limiter.

Don’t hit that limit to hard if isn’t already.

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