To record with FL 12, you gotta set right input for your soundcard.


Hard clip isn’t good since it will clip your sound hard, and not reduce the amplification.

Also remember to see your levels of input. A red light in monitor is not good since it’s to high levels. And even the recorder will have problem. But yellow is all good. Try to not achieve red level top at any recording.

But you can somehow change your levels higher with even a Fruity Limiter with default preset. Mostly without a problem. Remember to denoise the audio first:

Tutorial for denoise is here:

How to denoise like an athlete


The buffer size is important if you project clicks. So remember to set higher if you are working in a project. Besides setting it to 256 in buffer might as for most also be to little on a laptop. Try 512. The buffer size also depends on how much milliseconds you have to delay the beat with when you recorded your audio.

After here open your mixer unit, and chose from the (none) the input you used. If you have stereo input choose stereo. Might be good for different instruments that goes stereo like hardware.

Now add in Edison to he mixer unit. The recording is set to 30 minutes at default with Edison on FL 12. 3 minutes at FL 11.

Set that recording on. And choose between 4 different start positions recordings besides the red record button.

For many it will really irritate the when you hear your voice while recording. So try pushing the green button!

When you finished recording. Always remember to save the vocals.

So they go to your folder after drag and drop into playlist or step sequencer with the blue button as shown here:

You might find different ways to record. Perhaps you are not the best rapper, and have some mind problems.

Then setting your start track to bar 45. Like you push button on green play start. Then rap at bar of 49.

Maybe you have the setting in Edison set to “on play” then it will make a marker in the track for your track.

Last. Save project into a folder. Make new folder. Then save the project. Then use the File – Export – Export Project data files;

The you will have your vocals saved into new folder. While your 32bit vocal will be in the sliced beats folder of FL12.

So why does 24bit cause noise? Well it’s because of no dithering option for 24bit to 16bit and then to 32bit.

Somehow the newest soundcard from Creative “AE-5” is 32bit and will record with almost no noise.

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