There are different solutions to have analog feature of your mastering.

But there is only one choice with Maximus at full range!

I Dealazer have been working with Maximus for couple of years now, and talking widely about it on FL Studio Classroom group on facebook.

But it is as far here I  have come to conclusion, it’s the only thing I besides use on all my tracks.

So if you look after the less distorted sound, more analog. Then this might be the thing.

So now you will learn how to set the Maximus at analog processing;

Here you already see the curve set to dump at -7dB and is analog processing it to highest feature of -1.5dB.

I use it to clearly master the kick at the highest range, and also to monitor its specific for -6dB bass.

Then I also master the high frequencies with just a little more distortion to the higher frequencies to just merely glue it all together and also create pleasant sound of my high frequencies. I also set the bands to around 4000Hz instead of 3000Hz. Since 3000Hz center is to master specific on each instrument rather than reducing or giving it distortion. As mid frequencies get no changes. And are free at any will.

I also set the higher frequencies to right level since I don’t want them to pop up harder than -6dB

Most tracks don’t need higher levels of high frequencies after 4000Hz even at -9dB.

To set the whole mid frequencies at level of analog vibe as well. If it hits limit I do this on mid channel:

You might see the special curve on the orange-brown envelope.

To set the end master I choose rather another limiter, but you can as well use Maximus. The sound will be somehow -0.2dB lighter than other plugins that gentle master your whole peaks. Peaks will often occur when there are to much frequencies to deal with on all bands. Often when kick is above -1.5dB, thats why I exactly master my kicks to this range, so I avoid bumps and jumps of the sound. Making it not stable all through.

The most important thing is to remember to have LOW CUT off all the time, In the above picture you see COMP OFF, that means I use rather other limiter for my master end product that runs only through all 3 bands that are edited by Maximus.


Why off? Because it made Maximus death of intrusion to your bass levels. Otherwise with it off, it does not make bad master!

When you are trying to work with any kick in your project you can use this example:

You can turn with Fruity Limiter default preset to max with gain as well as opening the Ceil to 2.8dB.

Then you just reduce the overall levels of your kick from 180-22000Hz. Specific to reduce hard and harsh sound with Parametric EQ 2.

If this is the thing to make your music stand out? Well, don’t budge be happy. Produce easy, don’t worry about your master!

When you don’t worry about your master? Then you can work 100% on the rest. Rather than using time on Master Channel!

If you want the download of preset? Here it is; For FL 11 to FL 12 preset!:
Solid Mastering 0dB with Maximus


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