-4.7 Bass is the highest anyone would need.

Mostly even an RMS level of -6dB is at most needed.

Listen to your bass in your track. It does not need to high levels.

Frequencies above 100Hz do not even need higher levels than 40Hz.

Be careful on the pressure. For some, it might be strange.

Remember bass most vital muddyness and hardness on any dry sound is at 224Hz Center.

Most do equalize away these frequencies at 224Hz Center.

You can have a bass lower than -8dB. But for most it’s dependant on the feel they get.

There are different ways to know wrong bass levels. Try original iPhone earbud?


But to be honest, you can put your bass levels higher than -2dB.

It’s very dependant on the track you make.

This is more for the common range of bass and synth compositions.

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