How to make that analog master with Maximus

There are different solutions to have analog feature of your mastering. But there is only one choice with Maximus at full range! I Dealazer have been working with Maximus for couple of years now, and talking widely about it on FL Studio Classroom group on facebook. But it is as far here I  have come to conclusion, it’s the only thing I besides use on all my tracks. So if you look after the less distorted sound, more analog. Then this might be the thing. So now you will learn how to set the Maximus at analog processing; Here you already see the curve set to dump at -7dB and… Read More

Panning in FL Studio – The bad basics of FL Studio to know about

Panning is the sound you send from center stereo to mono sides in FL. The panning is based on how high your sound will stay there. How high your sound is already in mid and side frequencies depends on how it also is panned in mono. Pitty as it is with FL. As for example, a 6dB sound acts as 6dB stereo. But while you change it to 50% left, it will sound 7.5dB at left and 3dB at right. Though you need specifically know that panning is increasing sound from stereo to mono at one side, reducing it on other as well. That is the problem with FL where… Read More

Loop Pack – Duvina 127 BPM on Yamaha RS7000 by Dealazer

This cool loop pack is nevertheless something you don’t want to miss. All set to 127 bpm .wav 32-bit. With the cool sound of hardware these loops are special indeed. To arrange duvina would be a hard systematic work, but it is possible. Somehow not for me yet. Testing the sound day from day, I might put it up for a long run and live perform the track!. Anyways, download is here: 58MB Royalty Free! Duvina LoopPack Yamaha RS7000 – 128 bpm by Dealazer Please follow and like us:

Project flp – Back to the Time of Silver – FL Studio

This is one of my oldest production. Still, I just turned it with different sound today again. Somehow tried also to reduce sample use to 10.4MB file. With only FL 12.5 Plugins. Adding different mastering solution as wel to the whole track. This is more of the whole progress of sound making, and best possible quality under the means of max possible loudness, without causing major problems. Now with the Stereo placement feature that old guys in the game and sound production might figure it out how to make similar to stereo feel. Much is at moment still unclear for most. But this is still how to make a Wonder… Read More

How to record in FL Studio 12 with Edison Tutorial

To record with FL 12, you gotta set right input for your soundcard.   Hard clip isn’t good since it will clip your sound hard, and not reduce the amplification. Also remember to see your levels of input. A red light in monitor is not good since it’s to high levels. And even the recorder will have problem. But yellow is all good. Try to not achieve red level top at any recording. But you can somehow change your levels higher with even a Fruity Limiter with default preset. Mostly without a problem. Remember to denoise the audio first: Tutorial for denoise is here: How to denoise like an athlete… Read More

How to denoise like an athlete

To denoise your vocals isn’t hard but it’s necessary to even gain the sound levels to even have most possible best source to use to put your effects on. So get down to business open your projects already placed vocals. Then edit the file pushin slowly on the wave button on the left of each sample: It will open the Edison: For beginners, it will open just plain Edison like in the first picture: So you don’t see anything of the noise; Then do as following right click on the wave and select; dual view. Now you can select the range where the vocals are less visible, also the range… Read More

Sidechain like a Pro with Kick Mastering Feel

Some stop about and wonder how to make a simple bass sidechain. Most don’t even manage to come as far as stopping up in their path. But first Master your kick; Here I just turn with the PRE option with default Maximus preset! The Kick will gain in height on all frequencies to a measured highest possible level. You don’t need to hit the limit. But it’s even not a problematic thing to do if you hit the PRE to even Max. Next You would like to perfomr a kick equalizing? Most hardest areas are from 80-240Hz on many kicks. Some don’t want to equalize away their frequencies than just… Read More

Dank Sound – Do you need it? Solo your mixer unit!

Most people most often don’t know what to do with their tracks. Most often they get to loud levels of something. Then putting a master plugin or dozens of them. Simplify your production. You might only need 1 master plugin. Perhaps just Fruity Limiter to take of the highest levels to high above overall 0dB? Try also solo’ing your mixer unit by right clicking on the green button. Even a pattern in the playlist can work as well. Most need to EQ most of their sounds. If you want them dank. That’s how you easly make dank good sound. You go solo! Go for the green in track 1 by… Read More

Doom Boom Project

#Project – Techno – Ambient! 17 MB. FL 12 .flp   This is a unique project with its genre Doom Boom. The project has different drums and basses made with Sytrus.   It’s like for others liking to make drum tracks. It’s very ambient feel of somehow tribal stuff. With unique snare.   Anyone in need of arrangement is to strop it down easy. Use some of the same samples and make something on their own. Your welcome.   There is a master preset on called Everything must be perfect. If your track has bad levels of anything you will hear superb distortion. Try using it on your own projects… Read More

Do you believe in Godly numbers in FL Studio?

Do you believe the numbers you choose in FL is any meaning to you? I mean all numbers associated with FL gives somehow better mastering and better sound if you use God’s numbers? That is often 1,2,4,7,8 and 10. This gave me different sound most times. But you can sometimes use; 4.8 or 3.7 if you need that 3. Please follow and like us:

Bass Levels?

-4.7 Bass is the highest anyone would need. Mostly even an RMS level of -6dB is at most needed. Listen to your bass in your track. It does not need to high levels. Frequencies above 100Hz do not even need higher levels than 40Hz. Be careful on the pressure. For some, it might be strange. Remember bass most vital muddyness and hardness on any dry sound is at 224Hz Center. Most do equalize away these frequencies at 224Hz Center. You can have a bass lower than -8dB. But for most it’s dependant on the feel they get. There are different ways to know wrong bass levels. Try original iPhone earbud?… Read More


People often overbalance with different boosters on the master. All you only need is 1 limiter unless you confuse yourself more. Confusion is the biggest mistakes we make while producing music.   Most often its important to work with other things. A Fruity Limiter on Master Channel is all we need most often. It can confuse with other things when we try to do the mix again. Puttin just Fruity Limiter with defaut preset is our best start! Remember “FL Studio loads it template with Fruity Limiter on” Maintaing the levels is our biggest quest. Edit one sound after another, make it clear. Then all you have to do is… Read More