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Doom Boom – Ambient Techno Beyond Ill and Irritating


One of these cool techno tracks filled with enormous deep ambient feel, with nearly death taking sound and clearly a hard hitting track, one of my favorite of productions. It has been produced with enormous crafting and is clearly a solid track in the genre of deep ambient techno. It was produced only with Sytrus presets that I’ve sparkly did in production processes with. Since it has that feel of a donk as snare, it clearly is a genre beyond it self.
Since the setup also uses speed difference at some point, the sound difference experience in listening is what more ever different than many other producers.

The track is available as an buy on Juno Download through the link. It might be also useful for online radio, and you only need to buy 1 license to play it on your radio. Great for those who have online radio for their own purpose and are promoting others music. The license does not cover land radio. And is mainly for non-commercial stations. So if you into radio business don’t forget to buy some of my tracks for your listeners.


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