Coronavirus for Dummies

While the people behind the books of dummies might have died of Corona there was never a short guide, perhaps dummies always were long tutorials, but I’m taking it further down the road. So let me explain what I’ve already known what orders do not know that the majority of the people do not know, based on statistics but as well own taken beliefs that are from my cause where I most likely had this virus.

I’m not mentioning this virus divided into several names, just for simplicity.

So let me explain certain aspects of Corona here in just a table.

1. Corona dies in the body when the temperature hits above 37.6 degrees. That’s the highest temperature that automatically creates antibodies in your body?

2. Corona immunity is perhaps applicable by just one tiny particle of the virus. But there is an as well distinct possibility that you might die because of several viruses have entered your body. And even through the eyes, it can start an infection. But the lesser the amount, the easier it is to become immune. In the future, we might not be that furious about it, and infect people by one particle of the virus, if the virus can’t overgrow in the human body. Perhaps just lesser illness is all you need. And for an extended increase of particles entering the body, there is an exponential increase to get ill or at least die.

3. Corona loves alcohol, it might not die at least by 80% of alcohol, but in the meanwhile, most of the alcohol would vaporize and end up with a lesser level than even 30%.

4. Then using soap is the better choice. You might wonder about what the pigs “the red dots” of the Corona have. Perhaps you study the virus? And understand that soap would cover in between the virus, capsule it so much without its possibility to move or clean itself.

But believing that Corona and Alcohol would just clean away the soup, making it possible to be again active. Unless there is the most critical hygiene and we could use alcohol as petrol for cars. Do we need alcohol? Well if we do indeed need it. Perhaps there was no full reason about it. Just a market for it and yes, people managed it better with the swine flu than this virus maybe that way? More use of soap back then.

5. Corona hates heat as well, but it will survive the temperature in the body? Well, it can be an excellent choice to warm up your body in sauna or perhaps as I did to revive me from 8 different versions of Corona that I’ve used this method to lie underneath the duvet. That I’ve was possible to breathe my breath, and cold air flowed in on each breath since that was the only way to get new Oxygene. That was that which caused an increase in body temperature to above 37.6 degrees just after 15 minutes. The method is to have your duvet sheet above your head and breathing your breath.

6. Your hygiene is essential but as well showering and cleaning of yourself. It is vital since it makes your body odour less capable of poisoning others; it can be anything from your mouth to your body. It can affect people for up to 4 meters, and it is this odour that might be very dangerous? Most people that are this way are zombies that taught should take care of themself when a little guidance is better than a complaint.

7. When you become advised by others to eat zinc? They are killing you. The same about copper. Do you eat any of them? Each and another of it can exit the body since increase causes reduction of either one? Talk to your doctor and have perhaps these values balanced. But if you do not know. The rules are never to do anything; you 99% do not know.

8. Antiseptics; that are needed to clean your lungs perhaps they are to heal your thirst. That simple to believe that 90 million respirators Trump made are to waste? Well, you can manipulate it to produce steam going through it to lit the use of antiseptics w sold as juice in electronic cigarettes. These and as well light level of nicotine would become a great way to heal the disease from the lungs.

9. You might start smoking cigarettes or e-juice; you die from the worries rather than by nicotine. It’s healthy enough since you do not need to stop it or start it since there are thousands of Swedish snus. People would ask questions whether Sweden does not have cases on Corona by its citizen who uses nicotine. The fact about actually this is that the pigs “the red ones” that I was talking about to imagine. They are these who connect to the protein that nicotine connects with 4HCE proteins. Making a defect virus, you would say? Manipulate the virus, and the whole world got one injection of the virus you wouldn’t need another vaccine which causes infertility. You just let people become sick again with not creating major success to the virus or only by one particle? Did anyone think to gene manipulate Corona? I don’t think so.

10. You might wonder what else does help you against Corona? Well, what you eat often is the leading cause of survival, there isn’t any source on the internet that would say B vitamins are the way to increase a cold. Well, it perhaps is that even cancer likes B Vitamins its especially since the American discovery on t.gondii. That it needs B vitamins to increase its spectrum to repair itself, without B vitamins most intruders in the body does not even manage to survive in the body. As perhaps t.gondii, it is impossible for it to thrive in the body when levels are low, since it’s protective skull does get what it needs to protect itself.

11. Your body should be at least more base or at least not acidic since a level out of range might make the intruders more able to thrive in concentrations that are below average. So drinking orange juice might be the wrong choice for many. And it’s probably that that quench your thirst in the Hospital.

12. You might want to see if there are solutions that even makes things more different than utilizing different menthol products to inhale when you have a disease in your lungs. Since that truly is a way to make it lighter to breathe and thus makes people possible to extend their life when they are in bed and choked to not breathe with already an infection in the lungs. It is Corona itself that creates a problem in the lungs, but there are several other infectious diseases that already when the reduction in the body starts to fire up in the lungs. So all in all, you are blessed if you can work away from this problem. Maybe just simple breathing underneath a washing din you can increase the steam that comes out of the washing din and then you can breathe in the vapour by merely having your sheet around your head, at super hot water in the spring. So maybe solutions as perhaps having tea or other organic solutions as perhaps aloe vera, you can heal more consistently your lungs.

So this was twelve right cool things #AI computers would try to warn people, about this discovery because I was willing I wrote the whole tutorial intact. And in such God was my guidance.

I did take a chance on this paper, so I didn’t want days to pass to be able to provide you with this guide. It had to be now today.

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Coronavirus for Dummies

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