Wouldn’t want to check new episode?


Out Monday 13th 2020

Check out all the spotify to the iTunes or the player on this page? Go back to me and I hopefully like you dig on this going thing the right path towards my old stuff. Sometimes we don’t have to be great in the start.

Questions are in the past. Answers to them as well

Anyway go into the loop of this!

It’s a importance, the it is very good show!

Episode 4 in the works…done today. The same as this.

But the type of sizing isn’t possible to see but feel

The scale of the image is the same as you go into the middle picture.

You will see a new world. New promise

The lang forth. To a greater thing.

And that’s to not forget.

You need a photo editing program to enter the beauty if you see the beauty.

Must release this out fastest I can. Can come some editions to this page later!

But you need a magnifying glass to see the details.

It’s best viewed 4000×4000

The picture below is 1000*1000 on some direktlinkto4000 4000*4000

6K picture!

Needed on 6K equipment! Use zoom in this one:

Above is 1000*1000 this 2000*2000 on some browsers

§ picture in size 6000*6000 directlink

dealazer – the alien in the mirror <– download to 12000×6000 picture with sized out in the best. I was in the future…

Deepest of them ALL!:


Link to file:

deepest of them all by dealazer DEA 6000×6000 and the little and the big ones. Can’t be reproduced.



Coolest Picture Ever!

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