Arionum Miner Compiled Versions quite faster.

compiled by Dealazer Windows optimized v1.6 arionum-miner cuda and amd 0 fee Enjoy an optimized version 1.6 of Arionum Miner made by cryptogone. You can download the branch v.1.6-opt which this is made of. It has a 5-15% faster speed than the original version. Especially for Nvidia, you can see 15%+ Due to lack of connection to the server which was with 1% fee “no blocks found by the fee”. This miner is zeroed fee-free. To be enabled to make own compilation “fee free” you need to change in code miner.cpp: &hashrate=” << 0; To have a higher speed of AMD you need to enable OpenCL 2.0 if you… Read More

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