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Banana Peels Yummi – D-Vitamins & Serotonine


I remember having low D-Vitamin levels and my ED was bad.

But then I discovered eating Banana Peels with great discovery!

It was an adventure from the beginning.

Did you know that eating one Banana Peel you can increase body temperature? Or even shower with super hot water?                          Maybe in the future, there would be a possibility to increase the doping in a sauna as of this.

D-Vitamins as pills is bad for your health. It’s not because it’s a pill, but it’s a product of different proportions as of using cholesterol from sheep to produce the D-Vitamins. Therefore the increase of cholesterol and triglycerides can occur in the use of these vitamins. Therefore it’s not good. But the second bad thing is that you don’t gain a higher level of D-Vitamins.

Did you know there is a quality difference from pill producers? Yeah, cheap D-Vitamins don’t work the way you thought. It can be poison as well for small children. And the main cause of having near-death experience for small kids for a higher amount of  D-Vitamin use.

And especially when your blood levels don’t raise with eating the pills!

So why eat Banana Peels? Well, it contains a higher amount of D-Vitamins especially being in the sun. And why eat like a monkey? When if you told the monkey what’s so special about the Banana it would eat the whole banana. Not the white sugar sweet taste.

So we wasted our most precious material in the bin for years. Now it’s the time to realize the real need. For men, it would increase their potency levels much higher. Especially speaking when they eat about 2 Banana Peels for 1 week. After a time the potency stays higher level. With depression, you most often reduce your potency levels. So that is a great fact for those with ED. A quick and easy way to reduce depression.


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