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Arionum Miner Compiled Versions quite faster. V.1.7.0 Windows





Enjoy an optimized version 1.7 of Arionum Miner made by Cryptogone.

You can download the branch v.1.6-beta which this is made of.

It has a 5-25% faster speed than the original version. Especially for Nvidia, you can see 15%+

Due to lack of connection to the server which was with 1% fee “no blocks found by the fee”. This miner is zeroed fee-free.

To be enabled to make own compilation “fee free” you need to change in code miner.cpp: &hashrate=” << 0;

To have a higher speed of AMD you need to enable OpenCL 1.2 of AMD and use Nvidia OpenCL for other files. If you have Nvidia CUDA as well installed.

Remember as well to enable c++ optimizations in VS2019. And use toolset 142.

Remember you need Nvidia driver+:


Download: compiled by Dealazer Windows optimized v1.7 arionum-miner cuda and amd 0 fee



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