Getting the best affiliate programs isn’t easy and it surely takes time and effort to find the best networks for your own purpose and benefit. This list of 14 best affiliate companies is of course something that you really need to have a connection with, and use the affiliate system for your own website or youtube promotion. Enjoy!

Exchange your money:

3 Different Exchanges for Bitcoin that are recommended to use as affiliate and for personal purpose. With these exchanges you probably don’t need others.

Bestchange – Digital currency exchanger

With Best exchange there is possibility to exchange fast, and the prices on BTC to Paypal are beyond good if you plan buying
Localbitcoins – Peer to Peer Exchange

With LocalBitcoins you get superb quick deals from where ever you are from. With nice done system, and the cheapest transfers if you plan to deposit to Casino from their account, that is the best option, since your confirmation to each casino goes more quickly than using a wallet from  ex.
Virwox – Fast trader Paypal Visa

With Virvox you get the quickest transfer paying with Paypal or Visa. This is the best solution for the quickest possible bitcoin.

Work for money:

These different sites where you need to work most often also are a good pick for you if you would like to earn money on easy ways.

Fiverr – Earn or pay for custom deals and promotion

There are different things on internet and something like Fiverr is one of the best things to come across, with fiverr you can sell customized help and earn from 5$ of the lowest.

Easyhits4u – PTC network

With PTC “Pay to click” There is an option to earn pretty different, but most important is to have enough for yourself, promoting your own affiliate landing page!

BitcoinGet – Take Surveys – “Cheat with prepaid Visa” Systems

The cool take offers and different things to do, a tip Systemshere is to get a visa loaded with 10 Euro and sign up on all offers for visa sign up, then just get big credits for all the offers.

PointsPrizes – Take Surveys and do Offers

This thing is also quite cool to use. and the thing with this is different than most sites, but there are plenty of offers you can use a prepaid visa for., and of course use up to 500 points in codes you can gather around the site for free. Getting 3000 points you’ll get 20 paypal or Bitcoins for the same value. Enjoy!


The tip here with these casinos are to get as best possible win win situation for those who play them, most often it’s often the casino games who are thinking if you should win or lose. Since most of the games will let you win on your last cents, it’s important to push on the biggest last bet. Also don’t deposit hard with big loads of money. Now you can deposit 2 dollar around 0.001BTC and play with it all your way up. Also remember to change machines after som big wins, or try simple cashout. My tip is to not deposit more than 0.01BTC at a time.

Betchain – 50 Free spins each Friday!

Casino, and yeah the most coolest casinos from here are listed from first to last best. At Betchain you will get up to 50 free spins from depositing just 0.01BTC.

DasistCasino 10 Free on sign up!

At DasistCasino you will get 10 free spins for free. 30% referral earnings. Sometimes they gather around cool frees pins offers. Once in a while you can get 100 free spins replying to their cool sports preditctions, just after a deposit of just only 0.001BTC you’ll start to get cool offers! – Best VIP ask for free spins after much deposit

At you’ll get around 25% on each deposit for video slots. After being a player try to become a VIP since they will give you free money like no others, freespins and occasional free cash, that is also big amounts at them, not talking about pennies when you’re VIP.

Cloudbet & mbitCasino – Probably the hardest casinos to play at

Cloudbet is the last worst as does mbitcasino also become, but they might have good affiliate offers there as well

NasCasino – Low stakes and training casino

Worst and probably best is Nascasino with low betting amount, but no one plays over there. But they occasionally offer free spins if you’ve have not played for a while.

Earn free bitcoins:

Freebitco – Free Bitcoins each hour!

Try your luck to get much bitcoins each hour, this site has been there for years! Sometimes you can multiply your winnings and it’s truly a good site for all it got.

iFaucet –  Gather free cents of digital currency from faucets

This i the cool place to go for free digital money in cents to big numbers. Likewise Dogecoin is devalued and just 1 coin is easy as pancake to get at these faucets. If a big bank considered using doge coin for their purpose to handle all transfers through it system then  you’ll probably be rich at some point. Doge is probably one of these superb coins!