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Know how to earn your precious Bitcoins!

My unknown method on video poker nearly always work!

There are different sites to play video poker at, but exactly there are few sites that operate with double up.

Especially on the bitcoin network, but some sites also operate with different limits. The best is to know where the money lies, Cloudbet especially. With the betsoft machine of Pyramid Video Poker.

The logic to trick the game:

You always give up to double up on 5 and 10 points to trick the play for playing rounds as cash in, but often in beginning it is to know position of high cards in double up always try to figure it out.
Mixture it quite often to try to achieve high value, while getting often low cards on the double up, you will be able to hit jacks right on double up, so it's up to you to double up to 800 from 50 win.

Now the good option: On Pyramid Poker keep A, K and Q on the sides, that will often trigger Royal on the sides. Don't go after keeping 2 of the same card, and also keeping 7 and 6 clubs would be better.

When you try to play often it's good to know what level you need to keep, as often I play 0.25 with 3x3x3 solution, that gives less loss but more chances to double up. The game don't know you wanna double up that much using 3x3x3 method, and it's often giving away more.

After a while try to change bets, try always changing to higher bet level if you stay at 200 points, and go back on 100.

If you play at Cloudbet you will get good winning result often in the beginning, and that is simple to cash in, I wouldn't say double up is a good option.

What you do with 0.5btc?
Just then go and play some slots, at high bids each round, and if you get below 0.1btc, go back to video poker.

There are some investments to do:

Allways deposit low minimum deposit 0.1btc, you can always chose lower amount.
There are different casinos to milk money out of, as Cloudbet, but also it is an fantastic opportunity.

Remember: There are two different bets in Pyramid Video Poker you should use 0.25 and 0.50, why? Because casino will milk you with losses after using higher bets!


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  • Bitstarz Casino  Ṡ   It's one of the finest casinos it has a quite big range of games, and you probably will find many of the video poker games at their site as quite spectacular, and with the great option of double up, while you should sometimes consider to stop at an double up range.

  • Betchain.com    
     It has a big range of games, withdrawals are without hesistation and you can play a big range of cool slots as Gonzo's Quest and a wide range of other Netent Casino games with cool payout on scatters. There aren't that many poker games.

  • Cloudbet 
      In this casino you can play Pyramid Video Poker "use 3x3x3 bet for 9 each line" Then you double up 4 times and cash in. Deuces Pyramid is an awesome game. Remember to always play for Royal Straight, gathering AK and Q on the sides. They offer good business!

  • MbitCasino 
    Don't deposit more than 0.1btc each time, and 50x playthrough on bonus is simple, if you deposit more you will not have a chance on their bonus. Remember, they can follow on ip address signups. Also new wallet must be registered each time.