Release of 10 new rap and technorap tracks out on most stores 20th October!

This release is huge, one of these cool tracks are already there, just to say track number 1. 2. 3. and forth on. It’s development has been made with own unique beats.

These tracks really hits the lomest ass…

Album name is New Life

With different solutions these tracks really are some ordinary work. From techno to rap to techno again. Still looking for the listeners.


Sylenth1 a 95% Solution for Windows 10 – For those hanging up problem situation!

Hi, you probably wonder how to run Sylenth1 on Windows 10?

Well here is a tricky but cool way to enable it in Windows 10, since you want your project to run! Just be aware you gotta download my Sytrus presets:

Only possible way is to run in safemode on Windows 10 with network or without network.

Thanks to Windows 10 it now has full resolution, just change that to normal.

Hold in button shift while you press restart on your start to get into safemode from Windows 10 Normal mode, just try to move your way to settings and reboot to enable safemode.

For that to happen you gotta download my activate sound in safemode zip file from this forum;

To tell you the thing, you will not be able to run Sylenth1 without demo!

From then you gotta use my Sytrus presets and tweak your own sounds or buy Sylenth1!

As you might know people with 250.000 and millions of views on youtube about sound in safemode and have claimed it their own discovery… Pitty as it is! But now it is needy again for ya all. I made this solution back in 2006. It also works for Windows 10 still!

Soundcloud blocked/freezed my account, leaving me with 2190 Followers ONLY! Even I got around 300 each year since 2012-2013.

Listen to all my tracks at and register on that page, soundcloud is killing you as an artist! ; Here is one of them:

Left Right Left with own Vocal and Instrumental

It has that interesting sound quality and vocal performance. One of my best works now days. Pretty sure people just would like to listen to this plenty of times, based on the cool feature of the drums that hit exploding in the ears. Something not that logic to most music.

The track has quite different things to offer, from besides the instrumental. The Vocals had an flourishing feel of determination, as the vocals take you on a journey about left and right, to the position to be a never ending worry. Well it was based on hypnotic proportions of the hallucinogen Salvia, surely it did take the track to sort of short distance above and beyond.

The whole track is a reminder of the good things I’ve done in my life, while some other things as this time of present isn’t quite a good thing to have a good feel about, but never the less it was an pleasure to make the outstanding track of our time.

Silver Wonderous – .flp Download Complex huge Project with a lot Progression

This is one of these huge projects that I was making, it’s kind of Wonder Trance in the try to make it as long as possible. With progression all the way to the end. Sweet as hell.

With most of my own vocal effect samples and one shot samples this track actually became something beyond imagination. With only FL Studio Native plugins used it also was super devotion to make something different for anyone to listen on their own computer.

Well it’s time to share around the project for those who seek in to know how to make Wonder Trance. The structure in Wonder Trance most often starts out as breakstep and emerges into normal feel of drumkit. While the intro mainly stays with progression of less advanced pads. While arpeggiator is also kind of needed sound in the music.

The whole project is cpu heavy cause of multiple Sytrus instruments.

It’s one of my finest works I’ve been put through for ya all to listen and like!

Download the project 28mb zipped down from here:

Dealazer – Silver Wonderous FLP Download


Sound of Illusions – Old and Revisited Free FL Studio Project FLP Download

Since this track has mostly anything of it all from drums to stuffings with presets used with Sytrus and only native samples of FL Studio this probably is a hard to accomplish .flp file for download for all who seek a free tutorial on dance or trance around 135 bpm.

It’s one of the cool encounters for those who would like to check the music using FL Studio 12 since all you need is only a 200kb .flp file.

In the project you’ll find different parts likely very different than most normal music, it’s more of the wonder trance feel that I proudly create most of the time.

It’s kind of off key and the melodic part isn’t quite easy to remember as if it plays the same notes all over again and again, for some it isn’t noticeable for some tho it is.

Download the mp3 straight from this link:
FLP DOWNLOAD – Sound of Illusions


This is the original look of the project:

Dealazer Sytrus Presets – The Collection of 700 free presets

This is the cool collection of Dealazer Presets made through 5 years on progression of Sytrus preset making. These presets were made through different aspects and have been thrown from FL 10 to FL 12 as presets. Remember these presets have bad work on the envelopes for many of these presets, altering the envelopes might give another sound, or even better understanding of the sound for your self to check out.

Some of the presets will work for FL 10 and some for FL 11 and the rest will only work for FL 12. But all will work in FL 12.

If you would like to download them you can do that exactly at this link:

Dealazer – Sytrus 700 Presets The Collection

This is the cool collection of 700+ Presets for Sytrus. Enjoy a free download of cool presets! All Royalty Free for use. All ranging from Ambient to Trance.
Read article for donation information.

Wonder Trance – The Collection

This is the biggest collection of the genre: Wonder Trance.

In this genre most of my track were arranged with special type of arrangement, while using different setup of drumkit, the kit was specially set to drive the track with breakstep at the beginning while the pads or strokes of sound were placed in the beginning of the track with up to 2 different notes playing at the same time. These tracks also had melody that played with the same key at the beginning. Also the use of arpeggiator sound was probably something that was used in the breaks of these tracks.

The progression is widely needed in these tracks, since it has to deal with a nice feel for the listener. There might sometimes come handy loops in the tracks but these were mainly created by use of single shots. Since originality is known to be a supreme act of producers.

So if you would like to listen to these tracks, then you are free to go, since i love them myself.

Anywhere where you with Scope – Techno

It’s one of the cool hunting experience tracks, with widely use of vocals.

I made this track using specific only Sytrus, and inside of it you hear a great mastered track with different setup to the specific speed change, that has been made by me on several tracks before. It’s quite heavy work of bassline that is quite simple in it’s use but plays heavy and very delightful. This track is especially made to have it’s cool touch and is out on Spotfiy on my album Oh My God it’s Techno by Dealazer.

Using different mastering precautions most of my tracks lately does sound very good on mostly anything out there, even the worst headphones.

The track can be heard also from here, enjoy it at the fullest!

Metric Shapes feat. LisaBe – Arepeggiator Random Note Mind-Control

This track is courageous with the extempt of soul controlled induced notes. The great feeling has come to stay with the deep feeling of wonder. I really liked to work on something mind taking, while I was experimenting on the feeling of wonder with the randomized effect of arpeggiator. The notes go in minor at a random precaution. I don’t record this as an raw output, I record while my mind thinks for me the notes that would hit, and it hits nearly 99% of what I want it to hit.

With the great vocals that were fitted originally to track Let it go by Dealazer and Absolute Fixation, it gave it another try to be heard as exceptional feeling beyond possible.

This track is unrelased, but will surely be something to add in on spotify or any other site around the globe. The dreamy feeling of this track is really heavy work of something really hard to accomplish, but I clearly did an exemption.

You might not hear same track at many different places, it’s kind of one in a wonder track as my tracks truly are one hit wonders at a certain level. Well this is something to share actually to others if you like to plunder their minds.

Doom Boom – Ambient Techno Beyond Ill and Irritating

One of these cool techno tracks filled with enormous deep ambient feel, with nearly death taking sound and clearly a hard hitting track, one of my favorite of productions. It has been produced with enormous crafting and is clearly a solid track in the genre of deep ambient techno. It was produced only with Sytrus presets that I’ve sparkly did in production processes with. Since it has that feel of a donk as snare, it clearly is a genre beyond it self.
Since the setup also uses speed difference at some point, the sound difference experience in listening is what more ever different than many other producers.

The track is available as an buy on Juno Download through the link. It might be also useful for online radio, and you only need to buy 1 license to play it on your radio. Great for those who have online radio for their own purpose and are promoting others music. The license does not cover land radio. And is mainly for non-commercial stations. So if you into radio business don’t forget to buy some of my tracks for your listeners.

Let Freedom Ring feat. Martin Luther King Jr. – Absolute Fixation

Absolute Fixation & Dealazer – Let Freedom Ring feat. Marting Luther King Jr.

With my Co-Producer Absolute Fixation we did achieve this track with the vocals from an LP that were residing in his belongings we did an extraordinary art of work. With the feel of great drums and setup of the 3xOsc wobble we did manage to provide some extra out of our master production. Well it was a hard ongoing process with different versions, but it eventually came out on Spotify and other distributions as Google and Itunes.

The whole track has samples used from very different sample packs acquired from free royalty samples. These samples weren’t easy to get. The arrangement is fully Absolute Fixation’s idea meanwhile with the wobble bass feature. I was able to form the track with the samples and the different mastering techniques used in this track. As well with some synthical and melodic patterns that were made.

The track is quite unique in it’s base and more people are actually loving this track. Since the track is also available at Juno Download you might as well buy it there through the buy link on this track.


Beats with WonderousBeats – Illest Beats straight the Best

Representing WonderousBeats with illest beats you ever would imagine.

The beats are filled with enormous wonder and fulfillment with mastering craft from the best in the music production. Straight from the studio of Dealazer’s place.

If you need a free beat? Why not check in a while on the page? There is one and maybe more beats for free in the future! Enjoy!

This is new business opened early and is accepting rappers all around the globe, since we have not sold that much of beats you might find some mints in there for sure that will represent your music more greatly than any other beat store around!

Mogadon – Enormous Techno Track with Dealazer’s Vocals

Working on something catchy still heavy, while the instruments used in this came from quite unique RS7000 synth that Dealazer recorded with his own hands, the great feel of it was superb and had ten times the feeling of a standard track. The bass plays kind crazy on headphones with stereo feeling, and there are two different basses playing in more stereo feel. Enjoyable for many, might have to have problems on few units, but seldom. I don’t like to create bass in stereo, but this seemed that it was inevitable.

The big scheme in this track is quite comically since it has some different setups to it with my own vocals which came good in handy, with different feel of it all. Enjoyable for many who like to listen to something different, but also techno based feel.

It has that superb feel to the quality, since most of my tracks have nevertheless thousands of equalizers installed in the projects.

You might as well listen to this track over at Juno Download as an instrumental or buy it for your own benefit!

Listen/buy on Juno Download

Willy Mix – Great EDM filled track, with cooly bassy feel

A very special feel to this track, with unique feel of basses, and a very great feeling at a very high effect. Used in this track a lot of time working on the same feel that Willy made in when I was locked up in psychiatric, while filling it up with different feels and great work. The actual first line in the track was made by Willy, and after then Alan went into it with a different touch to maximize the feel of the notes and arrangement. As well with Dj 5ive.

Together we clearly made a track that possibly needs the most of the needed, a great vocalist, so if you know of a few, just remember to share this track to your facebook or twitter. Anyway it has mostly anything of it great, with the hard touching kick that is a unique identity to most of my tracks. With also the unique work with the plugin Sytrus, this was probably something to create music with… Enjoy!

If you are a vocalist remember to tune in and send your vocals as link to:

All the vocals need are clear background, and using your Iphone gives you solid quality!


Devastator – Space Fight with Nasa Recording and Multiple Techno Basses

This is one of the cool tracks I’ve been working on for so long time, with different setups and different track versions from time to time. I tried to make as good possible multiple bass play where basses play their own frequencies without any interference for the listener as muddy feeling, it goes straight to the floor with the feel and it has great emotions in play.

The wind did blow that day someday, so it was an recording taken from my reality by the aliens and put into the recording which I did acquire from some Nasa recordings.

There is a war going on in the space, and we are not alone. So there might been a scenario where someone is saying north to the airport. Maybe it might be true they were under an attack from the aliens, or there might have been different other things that happened.

It’s truly an very special track with many different aspects, and great feel. Enjoy!

Deamon’s at Me by Dealazer – Quite Unique Techno

Talking about an old track, It’s Deamon’s at me, a very derived track from older productions where the main content of track has been produced using production skills in modern techno.

Only royalty free samples were used since I weren’t able to come up with money to pay for samples, but that has become what I mostly have been doing since, using free samples 100% legal for music production.

Track has a hard hitting drum feature in the overlays, while it works with different sounds in the whole track as of course plugins from HG-Fortune and Sytrus. Also plugins from Novakill has been used to create very dry bass feelings.

Enjoy a good solid history of techno by Dealazer.

Don’t mind stopping in on Spotify to listen to it on the album Oh my God it’s Techno by Dealazer.

Mastering Distorted Drums Tips

Producers struggle with mastering, and most can’t hear distortion on their rendered tracks or drums.

                  They haven’t heard after it that so easy before.

Different headphones can monitor distortion. Take the headphone few centimeters away from you ear and you can hear blown sound on good range of standard drums.

The proper choice of soundcard is needed when many cards filter the sound. Especially on phone like cards where the producers tend to sell end products that most users don’t complain about. A great investment are Roland equipments which hold studio standards. And that you will not get with standard laptop card. I recommend Roland Tri-Capture.

     The distortion on drums can be vital affect for many producers on their listeners.

So how to easy work on how to take away the distortion? Square to Sine? It isn’t that easy at it sounds, but most times possible. Most people would do this to their kicks, but it’s not the best solution most times, as it removes some depth other listeners could hear after:

Don’t do this:

Parametric Kick

When dealing with distortion you gotta have appropriate compressor or audio processing plugin. For the process I clearly recommend 2 different plugins.

1. Fabfilter Saturn Mastering:


Fabfilter Saturn information and download of 30 days free full product

2. KClip 2 Pro Mastering:


Kclip Pro Information and “Get 14 days trial full working plugin”

The essential mastering tips on both plugins:

With Fabfilter Saturn add appropriate preset that fits your kick. Mostly use the mastering presets. Most would prefer Magic Mastering. Avoid using the gain on Saturn. A clean tube or clean plate might be used for frequencies around 20-100hz. Most kicks don’t have distortion or resonance above 100hz.

With KClip you can use the handler called soften, it can really turn square to sine. Most times a kick doesn’t need high ranges of bass. Also using KClip on master you will mostly get the same conditions to your bass ranges. Doing a mastering on end product might be really tough job.

Enjoy making FL Studio standardized kick without distortion!